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Taking Your Business Blog to the Next Level

1019_4569499Now that you’ve started your business blog, it’s time for some advanced tactics to attract more readers, beef up your content, and become known as an expert in your industry.

Goal 1: Attract More Readers

You want your blog to ultimately drive traffic to the rest of your site so people will buy your products or services. That means you need to amp up the number of readers your blog gets so that you’ll convert a decent number of them into customers.  Continue reading “Taking Your Business Blog to the Next Level” »

Should You Hire Interns, Freelancers, or Employees for Your Small Business?

609_3799441When you get to a point in your business where you need help, you’ll probably come up against the question: what type of help should I hire? Factors like how much help you need, your budget, and the area of specialty you need assistance with will all factor into your decision.

Fortunately, you have a few options that all fit different staffing needs.

The Intern: Affordable, but Needs Hand-Holding

If you’re looking for a highly-affordable option (and sometimes even free), interns are a great possibility. They’re ideal for those easier tasks, like making copies and filing, and if you snag one from your local university’s marketing department, you might even land one who can help you with your social media management.

If you read that Twitter pays its interns nearly $7,000 a month, don’t despair: some internships are unpaid, while others pay minimum wage. Remember, you are giving students valuable training and the ability to list real work experience on their resumes, and that is worth something. See if the local college has requirements of you as an employer in terms of pay. Continue reading “Should You Hire Interns, Freelancers, or Employees for Your Small Business?” »

How to Benefit from Every Social Media Channel

452_4612084If you pay attention, each social media site has a slightly different purpose and benefits. In this post, I want to look at how you can take advantage of each, as well as guide you to the best types of content you can share.


Twitter is fantastic for short-and-sweet shares. If you can say it in 140 characters or less, it works on Twitter. That means you should condense what a blog post is about and include the link. (Here’s a tip: shorten the URL to save space.) Continue reading “How to Benefit from Every Social Media Channel” »

How to Truly Power Up your Marketing Campaign with Transactional Emails

There is no shortage of email flowing around the world and flooding inboxes. So much email in fact that over 191 billion messages are sent out each day and average out to 48 emails per inbox, split nearly evenly between business related (and spam) emails and personal messages.

With numbers like these, it’s absolutely no wonder that many email marketing campaigns have a hard time garnering their subscribers’ attention even if those subscribers have actively opted into the mailing list that’s delivering said promotional messages to them. However, the wonderful thing is that an excellent tool for boosting that crucial marketing related attention exists: the transactional email.

What Are Transactional Emails?

Transactional emails are all of those one-at-a-time messages that you send to your customers in response to a specific interaction with your site. Some excellent examples of these include shipping invoices, sales receipt emails, renewal notices, comment notifications, shipping notices and welcome emails.

What Makes Transactionals so Special?

Transactional email messages are something your users and customers expect to receive. They interacted with your site and are now waiting for their response, which they hope will give them important information. Because this contrasts so much with typical promotional mass mailings, it causes transactional messages to garner much better conversions than even the best publicity email messages.

Small Business 101: What You Need to Know About Business Licenses

988_4131509If you’re thinking about starting a business, you’ll have a long list of things to take care of. But don’t miss out on one of the most important: filing your necessary business licenses. If you don’t know what kind of business license you need or where to get one, you might be tempted to just skip it altogether.

Here we’ll look at important details that will help you file your business license.

First Step: Register with your State

Before you can do anything else, you’ve got to register your new business with the state. In essence, this step provides a legal foundation for everything else to come. There are two different paths for registering with the state: Continue reading “Small Business 101: What You Need to Know About Business Licenses” »

What Entrepreneurship Looks Like at Different Stages of Your Life

Have you ever stopped to consider how your take on entrepreneurship changes at each phase of your life? Everything in your life impacts the decisions you make as a small business owner.

Let’s look at each stage and assess how people run their businesses.

In Your 20s…

You’re more open to risk and prepared to work your butt off. Just look at Mark Zuckerberg or Sergey Brin and Larry Page. All were in their 20s when they started their companies. Without families or some of the responsibilities that come later in life, entrepreneurs in their 20s can pour all their energy into their businesses. (Frankly, I’m a little jealous!)

A great deal of startups are founded by people in their 20s, probably because so much energy is required. Continue reading “What Entrepreneurship Looks Like at Different Stages of Your Life” »

Celebrate with us! Free LLC and Incorporation Packages

Free-Home-Banner-YellowJuly 2014 marks the fifth year CorpNet.com has helped entrepreneurs start a business. To show our appreciation to the entrepreneurial community, we are launching a special offer starting today through the end of July: Free LLC formation and incorporation packages. During this limited time, we will waive our service fees for any basic LLC or incorporation package to help make it easier for those looking to finally get that business started over the summer. Interested in the free LLC and free incorporation packages? You’ll just have to pay the state filing fee and shipping. CorpNet doesn’t make a dime on these offers. Each package includes:

  • Free name search
  • Free drafting of incorporation articles
  • Free LLC formation/incorporation filing
  • Unlimited customer care
  • Free Registered Agent service for 60 days
  • Electronic delivery of all documents through CorpNet’s B.I.Z. (Business Information Zone) service

Get started with a FREE LLC or Incorporation Today

Though CorpNet is celebrating five years of being in business this July, founders Phil and Nellie are old pros in the online legal filing industry. They’ve got more than 16 years experience in the field, and have helped thousands of entrepreneurs realize their dreams to start a business. They’ve made a name for themselves as the easy and affordable way to incorporate a business or file an LLC.

We at CorpNet look forward to many more years of helping people become business owners. Get more information on the free packages before they’re gone.

What You Need to Know About Internet Sales Tax

998_4166537.JPGIf you sell products online, you need to be aware of some changes surrounding Internet sales tax. Here are some of the highlights of the law that you need to know to stay compliant and keep the IRS off of your back.

If You Only Sell Online…

You technically should be paying state sales tax, though there’s not currently much in the way to enforce this. Many ecommerce systems charge sales tax based on what state the customer is in, so see if yours does so.

If You Also Have a Storefront…

If, in addition to selling products online you also sell them through a physical location, you are required to collect applicable state and local sales tax from your customers. Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Internet Sales Tax” »

How Many Customers are You NOT Attracting?

You pride yourself on being on top of tracking web traffic on your site. You know where people are coming from and what they’re doing once they land on your site. But…what do you not know about the people you’re failing to capture?


Do you know where your marketing efforts fall short, or which channels could potentially bring you tons more business that you’re currently ignoring?

Verizon, in conjunction with Small Business Trends, conducted a survey of Philadelphia small business owners in May of 2014. One question was asked about how customers find out about their businesses.

Some of the responses were obvious, including online search and word-of-mouth. But which of these are channels you might not be nurturing properly? Continue reading “How Many Customers are You NOT Attracting?” »

8 Tips to Smarter PR for Small Businesses


It’s surprising to me how many small businesses don’t leverage public relations for their businesses. I assume they think it’s complicated and expensive, and therefore don’t bother with it. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth!

PR is a fabulous way to connect with potential customers, journalists, and even bloggers. And it’s easy to DIY. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Write press releases. You want to show that your business is moving and grooving, and you do that by issuing press releases online. When you use a press release distribution service like PRWeb, it disseminates your news to dozens of news and industry sites, so your press release gets seen far and wide. With a link back to your site, people can easily click to learn more about you.

2. Share that press release everywhere. On your site. On your blog. In your email newsletter. Through social media. The more places you share it, the more eyeballs see it.

3. Maintain relationships with the media…before you need them. If you’re planning to pitch reporters with news down the road (and you should), it’s important to start those relationships now, before you need to ask them for a favor. Follow reporters that cover your beat on social, share their content, and comment on their articles. Continue reading “8 Tips to Smarter PR for Small Businesses” »