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Startup vs. Corporation: Which Suits You Best?

Startups seem to be taking over the world and, as they do, more and more people are attracted to the idea of working at one. For anyone in that situation, it is important to understand the differences between a startup and a traditional company so that they can make an informed decision. Luckily for them, StartupCVs, a recruitment platform for startups, has put together this helpful infographic, which details just what to expect.12 Tips That Will Get You Hired at a Startup

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Thanksgiving: 4 Things to Be Thankful For in Being a Family-Oriented Entrepreneur

Silhouette of Woman Kneeling in Prayer and SurrenderI try to count my blessings year ‘round, but there’s something about November that just gets me really thinking about all the things I’m thankful for, including being a business owner with a good sense of work/life balance. Here are a few of the things on my list of gratitude.

1. I Can Enjoy Life

While I work harder than anyone I know to grow my business, I’m also aware that I need time off to balance that hard work. My family takes a few vacations together every year, and I usually manage to sneak off to Vegas or New York by myself or with Phil.

The Lesson for You: All work and no play doesn’t make you a well-rounded (or stress-free) entrepreneur. You need time off…even if it’s just half a day. And if you can help it, don’t work while on vacation. It reduces the effectiveness!

2. My Kids Inherited My Work Ethic

Whether or not any of my four kids become entrepreneurs or join us in the family business down the road, I am super proud of the lessons they’ve learned in watching their entrepreneur parents. They know anything worth doing is worth doing right, and that nothing comes without hard work.

The Lesson for You: If you have kids, do you talk to them about your business? You should. It helps them better understand the world, as well as opens up possibilities for them. Not everyone has to be an employee of someone else!

3. I Have Amazing Employees

Phil and I are so completely grateful to have such a fab staff. Many of them have been with us from the start, and they’re all equally passionate about helping people start and grow their businesses. Continue reading “Thanksgiving: 4 Things to Be Thankful For in Being a Family-Oriented Entrepreneur” »

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5 Weeks Left in 2015. Is Your Business Ready for the New Year?

Businessman jumps to The New Year 2016.

Boy, the year has just flown by, hasn’t it? Before you know it, you’ll be ringing in 2016 and getting a fresh start with a new year. But before you break out the champagne, make sure your business is ready to close out the year. Here, I’ve broken down some administrative tasks you need to take care of by the week so you don’t end up rushing around at the end of December to handle it all!

Week 1: Change Your Business Structure

If you want to incorporate your business or form an LLC for 2016, now is the time to get on it. Keep in mind: your Secretary of State gets a ton of applications for new business structures this time of year, so you may have to rush your order or use the delayed filing option to ensure you start the New Year with your new structure. Don’t put this off!

Week 2: Check Your Budgets for the Year

Have you spent all the money you budgeted for different parts of your business? If you still have wiggle room, now is the time to go shopping. Spending money on business expenses now — i.e. a new computer or printer, office supplies, software — will reduce your taxable income for 2015. And if you had a thriving year, you could stand to reduce what you pay in taxes! Continue reading “5 Weeks Left in 2015. Is Your Business Ready for the New Year?” »

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Want to Turn Your Hobby into a Business? Check Out Nellie on FOX 5

Recently I was interviewed on FOX 5 in Las Vegas, where I talked about turning a hobby into a business.



Here are the highlights:

Know What Constitutes a Business

In the eyes of the IRS, your hobby is a business if three out of five years you have been running it, you’ve made a profit. If you haven’t been in business that long, the IRS looks to see if you are maintaining separate business records and have a separate business bank account. Continue reading “Want to Turn Your Hobby into a Business? Check Out Nellie on FOX 5” »

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Using a Recruiting Firm to Find Your Next Hire

recruitment for employment 2I’m a big fan of getting help where I need it. Over the years, Phil and I have hired really smart people to help us grow CorpNet. But it’s not just our employees that help us. We also work with a recruiting firm, Tri-Search, which helps us find the best talent for a given role.

I sat down with Steve Aylsworth, Managing Partner and Founder of Tri-Search to talk about how business owners can partner with the right recruiting firm to find great new employees.

Who Benefits from Hiring a Recruiting Firm?

You might think that as a small business, working with a recruiting firm would be overkill, but Steve disagrees. He says Tri-Search works with everything from startups to billion dollar organizations, and that if there’s a need, it’s a good fit.

“If they need to acquire unique talent and they need assistance in locating this talent, and the effort is outside their own available resources, a recruiting company can be a huge benefit.”

What Should You Look for in a Recruiting Firm?

For me, it’s all about relationships and reputation. I knew Tri-Search’s VP of Business Development, and that connection helped me get to know others on the team. I feel like an important client of Tri-Search’s, and that makes all the difference.

Steve says you should find a firm that makes a good partner with your company. Continue reading “Using a Recruiting Firm to Find Your Next Hire” »

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Get Your End of Year Checklist with Nellie on 13 Action News

At the end of the year, you’re probably busy with travel and holiday plans, but it’s important to take care of certain business to-dos to prepare your company for 2016. Recently I was interviewed on 13 Action News in Las Vegas about those end-of-year tasks.

Here are the highlights.

Tie Up Loose Ends on an Inactive Business

If you closed your business this year, realize you still have some legwork to do to make that closure legal. Otherwise, you will have to file another set of tax returns and pay additional taxes and penalty fees. Dissolve the entity, pay any remaining debts or taxes you have, and cancel any business licenses or permits you have.

 Set Up Your Business Structure

If you recently started a business, consider incorporating or forming an LLC  before year’s end. That way, you’ll realize tax benefits and be taken more seriously. Setting it up as a delayed filing gets you set up with your new structure for the start of 2016.

I’ve got a special offer for you in the video, so be sure to check it out!

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Business Technology Trends for 2016

Futuristic smart glassesWith 2015 drawing to a close, businesses around the world are planning for the year ahead. Companies across all sectors have a vast range of platforms and tools available to them that offer the power to enhance customer engagement and maximize profit.

Enterprises of all sizes can now reach their customers through multiple channels at any time; diversification, experimentation, and a will to implement new working methods can all revolutionize a business’s success. Developments like smartphones, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and smartwatches have expanded the business landscape, and as technology continues to evolve at an incredible rate, marketing and communication capabilities increase with each innovation.

With this in mind, what new trends can companies look forward to in 2016, and how can these innovations help the business?

Wearable Tech will Open More Doors

When we consider wearable tech, what do we think of? The short-lived Google Glass? Bluetooth headphones? Or do we imagine futuristic devices that offer gaming and Internet browsing on the move without the need for analog controls?

Whatever the term evokes for each of us, wearable tech will continue to become more commonplace in 2016, with smartwatches and virtual reality headsets more fact than science fiction. Continue reading “Business Technology Trends for 2016” »

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6 Last-Minute Marketing Tips for Black Friday

ShoppingThe clock is ticking and the holiday hurrah is building up to one of the biggest shopping days of the year. If you haven’t jumped on your holiday planning just yet, all is not lost. You still have some time to build a sweet, little Black Friday marketing campaign. With 25% of shoppers (that number jumps to 56% when you include online shopping) already planning to hit the streets on Black Friday, you can take advantage of this unofficial holiday, even if you’re a procrastinator.

1. Produce a Holiday Gift Guide


Your holiday gift guide can be thematic, “Gifts for Him,” “Gifts for Her,” “Gifts for Entrepreneurs,” etc. or they can be product oriented, like “Best Cosmetics of the Year.” Either way, they should be centered around a concept that ignites enthusiasm in your target customer. If you provide a service, you can still make a gift guide. Just make sure your service is front and center.

2. Create a Tie-in Promotion That Complements Your Business


In order to build on the Black Friday excitement, you can use a tie-in promotion that kindles more loyalty to your business. A spa could offer a discount on products for customers who buy gift certificates for holiday presents. A life coach might offer special 15 minute coaching sessions for those who purchase coaching packages that customers can use or give away to family and friends. There are various ways to appeal to your intended audience that build your brand and bring in customers who are ready to shop. Continue reading “6 Last-Minute Marketing Tips for Black Friday” »

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What’s the Deal with Professional Business Licenses?

Business man pointing the text: LicenseWhen you start a business, you need certain business licenses to ensure that you’re compliant with your city, state, and county’s business regulations. But did you realize that you might also need a professional business license, if you’re in certain industries?

Fields like medicine, law, and real estate are highly regulated, and professionals in these fields have high risk profiles. That’s why your state requires you to have a professional license: to ensure you’re competent at the job and have passed any required tests or meet industry regulations. This not only reduces your risk of being sued, but it also protects your customers.

Other roles that may require a professional business license include:

  • Security guard
  • Construction worker
  • Pilot
  • Acupuncturist
  • Pharmacist
  • Veterinary

Examples of Professional Business Licenses

In California, the dental industry is regulated by the Dental Board of California Online Licensing. Once you are licensed as a dentist in California, you must pay an annual fee of $525 to keep your professional license up to date. In Florida, if you want to be a barber, you must apply for a barber’s business license with the Barbers’ Board. Once you pass your barber’s test, you’ll have your license, though you must maintain the continuing education requirements.

In New York, to work as a Certified Public Accountant, you need to be licensed. These are just a few examples of the professional licenses required in some states. To get specifics, you will need to visit the professional business licenses website for your state. Continue reading “What’s the Deal with Professional Business Licenses?” »

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Get Your Copy of the Start a Business in Delaware Guide

nevada coverIf you want to start a business in Delaware, you’ll want all the help you can get. That’s why we are offering

a free guide called The Guide to Starting, Protecting, and Running a Business in the State of Delaware. We’ve filled this guide with fantastic information on what you need to start a business in Delaware, how to register your business name, what business licenses and permits you will need in Delaware, and how to stay compliant with your Delaware business.

Got questions? We’re sure you do. You want to know how to incorporate in Delaware. How to form an LLC in Delaware. How to register your business. You’ll learn all this and more in the guide.

After reading this free guide, you will know:

  • How to start a business in Delaware
  • How to incorporate in Delaware
  • How to form an LLC in Delaware
  • Whether Delaware is the right place to incorporate or form an LLC
  • About Delaware filing fees and costs for corporations, LLCs, and annual reports
  • Other resources you’ll need and are available to you to start a business in Delaware

Don’t delay! Get your free copy of The Guide to Starting, Protecting, and Running a Business in the State of Delaware today!

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