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5 Must-Read Marketing Blogs

1157_4625760In my line of business, I read a ton of content online about marketing. But you probably don’t. So let me share five of what are, in my mind, the best places to get fresh content marketing and social media ideas for small business.

1. Social Media Examiner

Not only does this blog offer great listicles of the latest and greatest tools in social media, but it also puts out some great research and reports (and they’re free). If you’re wondering what’s happening in social media, check out their annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

2. Mashable

Over the last few years, Mashable has slanted a bit more toward entertainment and pop culture, but its Social Media section remains a great place for how-to tutorials on using every social channel successfully. If you’re hands-on and like following instruction, you’ll get a lot out of it. Continue reading “5 Must-Read Marketing Blogs” »

3 Must-Have Documents for Filing an LLC

564_3338813If you’re considering filing as an LLC (Limited Liability Company), it’s probably in part because this business structure provides business owners with liability protection and pass-through tax status, while minimizing the business formalities and paperwork you’re responsible for.

Before you dive in, there are several important documents you’ll need in order to file an LLC. Let’s take a look.

1: Articles of Organization

The Articles of Organization — also called Certificate of Organization — is the equivalent of the corporation’s Articles of Incorporation. Ir is the legal foundation for your LLC, and is required by every state. This mandatory document outlines the basic information for your business, including: Continue reading “3 Must-Have Documents for Filing an LLC” »

You Might be an Entrepreneur If…

379_3990259While every entrepreneur is as unique as a snowflake, we all do seem to share certain characteristics.

In the spirit of the old Jeff Foxworthy joke, “you might be a redneck if…” let’s look at the signs “you might be an entrepreneur if:”

1. You Fall Asleep with Your Smartphone Clutched in Your Hands.

We love what we do, and that’s why we’re unable to shut down at the end of the day. It’s not that we’re workaholics (ahem); we just want to work 24 hours a day doing what we love!

2. You’d Rather Invest in Your Business Than Buy a House.

Our companies come first, and that means sometimes those traditional life investments, like buying a home, come second. And that’s okay. Continue reading “You Might be an Entrepreneur If…” »

Join Nellie Akalp & GoDaddy on September 17 to Find Out if You’re Ready to Be an Entrepreneur

If you’ve been thinking about starting a business, but aren’t sure if you’re ready, you’ll want to attend this informative Google Hangout, “Are You Ready to Become an Entrepreneur?” The virtual event, put on by GoDaddy, will be held on September 17, 2014, at 9 am Pacific, 12 pm Eastern. CorpNet’s CEO, Nellie Akalp, will be the expert leading the conversation.

In the Google Hangout, Nellie will push you to think about questions like:

  • Can you work well without direction, set deadlines and sometimes even colleagues?
  • Can you juggle multiple tasks at the same time?
  • Do you have a savings account you can fall back on in case you have a slow month?
  • How well do you handle rejection and disappointment?
  • Can you deal with the unknown and do you have the stomach for risk?

Continue reading “Join Nellie Akalp & GoDaddy on September 17 to Find Out if You’re Ready to Be an Entrepreneur” »

10 Content Ideas That Will Boost Your Blog

1094_4451005If blogging is part of your marketing strategy (and it should be), you probably run dry from time to time when it comes to finding topics to write about. Here are 10 ideas to jump start your brainstorming.

1. How-to Posts

People search for articles on how to do just about anything: write a blog post, fix a sink, get a job. You can probably think of several topics that you’re an expert on. Break down activities into easy-to-follow steps so you can provide real value to your readers.

2. Industry Trends

You’re on top of what’s happening in your field, so write intelligent posts with your insight on the latest news and trends in your industry.

3. Other Blogs

Reading other people’s blogs will get the wheels churning. While you don’t want to copy their ideas, you can use them as a jumping off point for your own content. Continue reading “10 Content Ideas That Will Boost Your Blog” »

The Kids are Back in School…is it Time to Start a Business?

705_3492495Now that the kids are back in school and the summer is dwindling, you might be feeling a little aimless. This is especially true if you are now kissing your newly-minted kindergartener goodbye at the bus stop and are left with an empty house.

This might be the ideal time to explore that business idea you’ve had rattling around in your head for years. After all, now it’s time for you!

Is Your Idea Feasible?

It’s one thing to have an idea you think is pretty neat, but will people actually want to give you money for it? Do some research to find out if you have an audience for your business idea before you invest any time or money in developing it. Continue reading “The Kids are Back in School…is it Time to Start a Business?” »

Why You’re Not as Busy an Entrepreneur as You Think

609_3542843Let me guess. You’re too busy to have a cup of coffee with me because you’re swamped at the office. There’s no way you can possibly take time off with so much work piled up.  But have you ever considered that maybe you wear your busyness as a badge of honor? That, in fact, you don’t have to be as overloaded and stressed as you think you are?

Have I intrigued you? Read on.

Consider Why You’re Busy

There’s a reason you feel like you’re in a hamster wheel. Maybe you lack the staff to help you alleviate some of the pressure to meet deadlines. Or you’re a procrastinator. Maybe you have to have control over every situation, and that means you have your hands in far too many things. Continue reading “Why You’re Not as Busy an Entrepreneur as You Think” »

8 No-Nos in Social Media Marketing

545_4574442Everyone writes about how to do social media correctly. But few people address the key problems most small businesses have when they try to use social media to market and fail. Now, I’m sure you aren’t guilty of any of these boo boos, but just in case, let’s look at the biggest mistakes in social media marketing.

1. Only Updating Your Accounts When You Feel Like It

It’s better to not even have social media accounts if you’re going to update them sporadically. Sites like Twitter, G+, and LinkedIn move at the speed of light, and if your last update was two weeks ago, you’re history. Literally. I know it’s time-consuming to update your streams, but consistency will pay off in the end.

2. Trying to Be on All Channels

Look folks, I’m trying to save you time here. There are a lot of social channels out there, and not all of them are a good fit for you to reach your audience. Rather than diluting your efforts, choose a handful (read: 2-3) and put all your energies there. Continue reading “8 No-Nos in Social Media Marketing” »

Vote for Us on Small Business Influencer

We are thrilled that both CorpNet and Nellie Akalp have been nominated for the 4th year in a row! We’ve been winners for the past several years, and we’d love to keep that winning streak going. But to do that, we need your help.

How You Can Help

It’s simple, really. Just visit the profile page for both Nellie and CorpNet and click the big Vote button. Couldn’t be easier!

You get to vote once, but every vote counts.

Beyond that, we’d love your help spread the word through your social networks. To that end, here are some shares to make it a breeze. Continue reading “Vote for Us on Small Business Influencer” »

CorpNet Nellie’s Annual Biz Birthday Wisdom

702_3427388I’ve gotten into the tradition of offering advice to you as a small business owner this time of year. You see, my birthday is coming up, and rather than receive gifts, I like to give them to you. Consider the following advice on how to successfully run your business my gift of wisdom. After all, I’ve been around the block not once but twice, and if I can keep you from making the mistakes I’ve made, so much the better.

  1. If you are stuck in a rut, go back to your roots

I get that sometimes you’re less than thrilled to go to your office and start working. Been there. Sometimes all I want to do is pull the covers back over my head and sleep 15 hours.

When that happens, I remind myself of why I got into running my own business in the first place. I wanted to help small business owners and entrepreneurs succeed. So I came up with business filing services that would help people start a business faster and easier.

Why did you start your business? Perhaps you can find inspiration that will jolt you out of your rut and keep you moving forward. Continue reading “CorpNet Nellie’s Annual Biz Birthday Wisdom” »