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Widely considered a “small business expert,” Anita Campbell serves as CEO of Small Business Trends LLC and Anita Campbell Associates Ltd, a woman-owned consulting firm helping companies and organizations reach the small business market. As Publisher of several online media properties and syndicated content, Anita reaches over 1,000,000 small business owners and entrepreneurs annually. She is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Small Business Trends, an award-winning online publication. She hosts Small Business Trends Radio, where she interviews other small business experts. She also publishes Selling to Small Businesses. Anita was a contributing expert source to the Intuit Future of Small Business Report. She is a part-time instructor at the University of Akron. Anita’s expertise is often sought by the media. She is quoted in places such as the New York Times, Fortune and USA Today, all the way to publications of companies such as IBM, American Express and Merrill Lynch.

Zero To Website Hero – The Most Important Skills Needed For Your First Website

770_3669225A decade ago, when the Internet was still relatively young and people were still playing with the bubble wrap, getting a professional looking website was a challenge.

You had to have some technical skill and knowledge of coding. Failing that, you needed a big budget and conversations with website developers.

Today, the landscape has shifted considerably.

You have so many options you might begin to feel like a kid at the ice cream shop.

The most important skill required for getting your first website online today is not knowledge of code. It’s not interviewing skills for choosing a website developer (although someday as your business gains success you will want to hire a designer for custom features, but in the beginning it may not be in your budget). Continue reading “Zero To Website Hero – The Most Important Skills Needed For Your First Website” »

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When a Social Media Page Can (and Cannot) Take The Place Of a Website

985_4787941Do I need a website or can I get by with just a social media page? This is a question you may have asked yourself, especially if you’re just starting out in a new business.

In one sense, both a social media page and a website serve a similar purpose.  Both provide the chance for you and the customer to connect with one another. Used the right way, both can be excellent promotional tools for your business.

Whether you can get by with just a social media presence as a substitute for a website depends on your individual needs and circumstances.

Advantages of a Social Media Page

Let’s first look at the benefits of having a social media page take the place of a website.

The biggest selling point in this regard is that social media is free. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Instagram, there are no charges levied, unless you want to pay up to get advertising or sponsored updates. This is good for businesses on a budget. Continue reading “When a Social Media Page Can (and Cannot) Take The Place Of a Website” »

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10 Ways to Make Your Customers Smile This Holiday Season

775_3838531While you should show your customers how much you appreciate them year ‘round, the holidays provide even more opportunity to make them smile. These 10 tactics will show your clients how much they mean to you and your business.

1. Send a Heartfelt Card


Whether you customize corporate holiday cards with your logo or just buy a pack at the store, it’s the message inside that counts. Write a note to show each client that you’re thinking of them, and thank them for their continued support.

2. Host a Holiday Fete


If your clients are local, consider hosting a holiday party to celebrate them. They’ll get to not only meet your team that helps them, but also your other customers (great networking possibilities). They will get to see behind-the-scenes in your office where all the magic happens.

3. Create an Irresistible Offer


This season, people expect holiday discounts and deals. Get existing customers coming back with an extra special offer only given to them. This could include: buy one get two free, 60% off, or free gift with purchase. Continue reading “10 Ways to Make Your Customers Smile This Holiday Season” »

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Why You Should Stop Seeking the Perfect Work/Life Balance

1019_4229348There has been a great deal of focus on creating work/life balance for entrepreneurs — more so for female entrepreneurs — over the past several years. The quest for this Holy Grail often leaves its seekers unsatisfied. The truth is, you’ll never permanently achieve this balance. Trying to do so may cause even more stress than the actual imbalance you’ve been experiencing.

Here’s why you should set aside your search for perfection and settle for “good enough.”

Your Ideals Will Never Be Achieved

When you think of work/life balance, what do you picture? Maybe getting up extra early and working on your business, then taking the kids to school, having a coffee with your best friend, working some more, then taking your kids to soccer practice after school with energy to spare. Continue reading “Why You Should Stop Seeking the Perfect Work/Life Balance” »

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How Technology Helps (and Hinders) Small Business Owners

432_2979754Ah, technology. It’s changed the way we do business…mostly for the better. But most of us who rely on our mobile devices can be victims of them from time to time.

Recently, Small Business Trends paired up with Verizon to conduct a study on how business owners use technology. What we found was pretty interesting.

How Technology Makes Us Better Entrepreneurs

One facet of the study focused on the ways business owners leverage technology. How many of these can you relate to?


  • Save Time and Money. As much as 61% of business owners find they save time and money with mobile technology. For me, that time savings comes from having access to all my important information within arm’s reach.
  • Better Customer Service. Being connected means being able to respond to customer service inquiries and complaints faster.
  • Improved Workflow Efficiency. T

Where We Let Technology Take Over

There’s always the other side of the coin, isn’t there? While it’s wonderful to be able to stay on top of our businesses through our phones or tablets, there is a line many of us cross sometimes that makes us a little too accessible. Continue reading “How Technology Helps (and Hinders) Small Business Owners” »

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100 of the Most Influential Small Business Champions in One Room

What would you do if you had access to 100 of the most influential people in the small business world in one room? That’s exactly what will be happening when the 2014 Small Business Influencer Awards honors its Top 100 Champions at the annual Gala event on October 22, 2014 in New York City.

Each year, the Small Business Influencer Awards are held to celebrate the people and companies who are impacting entrepreneurs and small businesses. Anyone can nominate a Leader, Expert, Corporation, App, Journalist, News Outlet, Marketing Campaign, or Growth Story. Winners are selected in two ways:

Winners were announced late September (including Nellie Akalp as a Champion — for the third year in a row!), and now it’s time to honor them. Continue reading “100 of the Most Influential Small Business Champions in One Room” »

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How to Get More Done (When You’re Out of the Office)

609_3504586For most business owners, traveling can really throw us off our routines. We may try to work while we’re out, but we still end up back in the office with a pile of emails to sort through, and plenty of things that slipped through the cracks.

I’ve traveled a lot, and I’ve figured out a few strategies that help me. Hopefully they’ll help you too.

Plan Ahead

If you know you’re traveling (for business or pleasure) in several weeks, start your planning now. Check your calendar to see if you have meetings or deadlines that week. For phone or Skype meetings, make sure your travel schedule allows you to still participate. Reschedule any others.

Then, for any work you have due that week, start chipping away at it the weeks before your trip. You’ll clear your plate while you’re out, and your clients will be thrilled to get their work turned in early. Continue reading “How to Get More Done (When You’re Out of the Office)” »

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10 Content Ideas That Will Boost Your Blog

1094_4451005If blogging is part of your marketing strategy (and it should be), you probably run dry from time to time when it comes to finding topics to write about. Here are 10 ideas to jump start your brainstorming.

1. How-to Posts

People search for articles on how to do just about anything: write a blog post, fix a sink, get a job. You can probably think of several topics that you’re an expert on. Break down activities into easy-to-follow steps so you can provide real value to your readers.

2. Industry Trends

You’re on top of what’s happening in your field, so write intelligent posts with your insight on the latest news and trends in your industry.

3. Other Blogs

Reading other people’s blogs will get the wheels churning. While you don’t want to copy their ideas, you can use them as a jumping off point for your own content. Continue reading “10 Content Ideas That Will Boost Your Blog” »

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6 Things That Are Holding You Back from Growing Your Business

862_4216602 (1)Perhaps you’re eager to take your business to the next level, but feel like there are obstacles preventing you from growing your business. If you’re not aware of what they are, it can be difficult to remove them.

Here are 6 barriers that often keep small business owners from forging ahead.

1. You Trust No One as Much as You Trust Yourself

You’re overworked because you do everything in your business. And you do it all because you don’t trust anyone else to do it as well as you could do. While that’s probably true for a few of your responsibilities, delegating other tasks can take a huge load off. Choose the areas you’re weak in (maybe marketing or design) and hire someone else who’s more qualified (and faster) at handling them. Continue reading “6 Things That Are Holding You Back from Growing Your Business” »

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Who Influences YOU as a Small Business Owner?

SBInfluencer-color-300wAs a small business owner, you can likely list multiple people who have helped you get where you are. That might be a mentor, a company that provides great small business software, an outstanding small biz journalist, or an app that helps you get more done.

And while you certainly know the impact these individuals and companies have had on your own business, chances are, they don’t know. What better way to let them know how they’ve helped you than to nominate them for a Small Business Influencer Award? Continue reading “Who Influences YOU as a Small Business Owner?” »

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