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Author Archive for Elli St. George Godfrey

Business Tools: SWOT Analysis Really Is Your Best Friend

A few years ago, I wrote a  post about how a SWOT analysis can be  your best friend. A lot has happened since I wrote that post but my point remains the same. If anything, this review of your business is more necessary now than ever. Turbulence has become such a norm for all businesses, but it is perhaps felt more keenly by small businesses. While you can’t anticipate absolutely everything, you can know where you stand if something catastrophic does occur. As CEO of your small business, it is essential that you have the big picture of what is currently going on in your business, what could happen and planning your goals accordingly.

No matter what, it is still your best friend

When you have a deep conversation with a good friend, it is a moment of self-discovery and learning. A SWOT analysis can help you the way a good friend who asks you those incisive questions and holds your hand when you discover things are as bad as you thought. You can also hold your own hand when things aren’t as bad as you thought. Continue reading “Business Tools: SWOT Analysis Really Is Your Best Friend” »

Running a Small Business: What Is a Living Business Plan?

Before you even begin writing your business plan, what do you intend for your business? Businesses are founded on dreams. Dreams such as having a secure life, developing never-before-seen products or services, spending one’s working life doing something worthwhile, answering a need in the marketplace and so many more. To make your dreams live and breathe, there has to be an easy-to-use plan.

Not a dull, multi-page monstrosity

Running a successful small business depends on having a clear idea of what is going to happen over a set period of time. Imagine a business plan that was up-to-date and easy to use. You can return to it any quarter, any month, any day to stay focused and motivated. It contains the basic elements of a business plan plus active goals and measurements that tell the story of how your business is progressing. Continue reading “Running a Small Business: What Is a Living Business Plan?” »