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10 Must-Have Tech Tools for the Fall

779_4091143This is a great time of year to take a look at the latest and greatest technology tools and apps that will take your business to the next level. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Social Media Management Dashboard


If you’re still using individual websites to manage each of your social profiles, you’ll be amazed at how much more efficiently you can connect with others and schedule updates. Here are some dashboards to consider:

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Mobile Apps: Why Your Small Business Needs One

775_4484102If you thought apps were just for big businesses, think again. Companies of all shapes and sizes stand to benefit from these popular mobile programs. Here are just five reasons why your small business needs an app.

1. Apps Give Your Business Presence

Many small businesses feel that they needn’t bother with an app because they have a web presence. They might have even spent time customizing their website for mobile use. But an app has a much greater presence than a bookmark on a browser. Rather than being simply a URL on a list, your app is always there on the mobile desktop. Even if the people who download your app don’t open it every time they play with their device, they see its icon and think of your business. This is invaluable for building brand awareness.

2. Customers Love Apps

Giving your customers what they want is one of the best ways to build brand loyalty. And in the mobile age, what they want is apps. A study of 500 small businesses with both mobile websites and apps found that 81 percent of customers preferred the app. This makes sense, as people spend around 82 percent of their mobile minutes in apps, rather than mobile sites. Continue reading “Mobile Apps: Why Your Small Business Needs One” »

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3 Trends Small Business Owners Might Consider Skipping

Thumbs Down HandWith so many trends in technology and marketing, it’s hard to know what to latch onto and what to leave behind. Here are a few you should seriously consider before diving into.

1. Bitcoin

First, if you haven’t kept up with the buzz about Bitcoin, here’s a summary: it removes the banks as the middle men in financial transactions, and heavily uses mobile to change hands. It’s appealing because there are no credit card fees and it makes international transactions easier.

But do you need to invest just yet? While we’ve dreamed of a world where mobile payments rule, we might not be quite there. We’ve got a read-worthy post on Small Business Trends about why you might hesitate before getting involved in this still-volatile form of payment. After all, as a small business, you have to protect your assets and minimize risk. Wait until Bitcoin is more mainstream before giving up your cash and card transactions. Continue reading “3 Trends Small Business Owners Might Consider Skipping” »

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How Becoming an Entrepreneur is Easier Than it Was 10 Years Ago

869_3932759 (1)For those of you who started a business before the age of social media, blogging, and websites, you can attest: it’s a lot easier to be an entrepreneur these days.

Back then, we spent more time on the phone cold calling, and direct mail was booming. Networking was done face-to-face, and we couldn’t always track our marketing efforts. My, how times have changed.

1. Our Businesses No Longer Confined by Geography

In the “old days,” you marketed your business to people who could drive there. If you were a consultant, you served the local market. Now, thanks to email, social, and tools like Skype, you can have clients “virtually” anywhere.   Continue reading “How Becoming an Entrepreneur is Easier Than it Was 10 Years Ago” »

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Web Design Trends 2013 and Beyond – 13 Trends with 37 Examples

705_3540821If you ended 2012 feeling savvy online, take a new look at your website design and make sure it’s adaptable to web design trends for 2013.

Your company can provide the best products and services, but when it comes down to it, your website either lets your customers know you want to do business in this century or reveals that you’re stuck in the dark ages.

If your website seems to be sinking among the hipster vibe that’s filling cyberspace, here are 13 trends and 37 examples to help you dominate online.

  1. Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  2. HTML5 and CSS3
  3. Mobile Design
  4. Branding
  5. Simple, but Content Rich
  6. Social Integration
  7. Large Photos
  8. The Death of Flash
  9. jQuery Effects
  10. Themes for Purchase vs. Custom Designs
  11. WordPress Sites: the Plugin Revolution
  12. Data and Analytics
  13. Think Local

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