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Connect and Give Rather than Ignore and Take

If you just think about it, everyone knows someone who may be useful to be connected to someone else they know. It can be business or personal – if you can connect people to improve their lives or productivity then why not do it?

Think about the people around you or casual acquaintances you meet who could be beneficial to each other. I seem to be doing it constantly. And with Social Media the larger networks make this all the more easier. It’s something I’m always thinking about and I don’t know where that comes from but my brothers are similar.

I see or hear something and it may mean nothing to me but I know someone it could be important to so I pass it on quickly – these days it doesn’t take a minute to just email, tweet or share a link or text even. It may not be needed or not fit in with what they need but who knows? So many times people have thanked me for the connection so I think it is worth it.

The Go-Giver

I started doing notes for this post weeks ago and a strange coincidence happened. I was having lunch with my friend Frederique Murphy and mentioned I was writing this post about connections. She said that I really should read “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann and she connected us up on Twitter. Please do follow Bob Burg as he is a gentleman and actually chats back which really is lovely. And spookily it turns out another friend of mine is about to interview Bob for TweakYourBiz.com - it’s a small world.

Anyhow the book was a revelation. It was everything I had been thinking of for this post and a lot more. It showed the importance of concentrating on giving rather than getting. A simple principle you’d think but not always that easy to achieve and I’m sure you’ve come across people who don’t understand the art of giving. And there is a “connector” in it too. It focusses on Joe who is a true go-getter. It’s a short story based on a week of connections that turns his life around.


I started to think more about the connections I have made over the years that have grown to something:-

  • I connected my landscape architect friend to someone in the prison service and she is now on the way to being commissioned to create better outdoor spaces in prisons.
  • I introduced the lovely and talented Elli St George-Godfrey to Nellie Akalp of Corpnet and she is now going to contribute to this blog with her first post live last week. Both ladies are a great example of “givers” too.
  • One of my clients needed sales made in the UK and guess what, an ex colleague of mine had just set up a top notch UK sales agency and that is leading to great things already. In fact I’ve just introduced another client to them too.
  • On a personal note I introduced a good friend to another and now, 9 years later, they are happily married with two children.

These are just a few examples and I’ve passed on lots of connections on Twitter too. I see someone tweeting they need something and know another that can provide that service. Very simple and quick to do.

So please do think about people you can connect up, to hopefully achieve greater things. It really does feel good. According to “The Go-Giver” book giving rather than expecting to get will achieve better outcomes in the long run and I’m a huge believer in that. What connections have you made with great results and do you believe in giving rather than expecting to get?

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Photo: thinkpanama on Flickr

Sian Phillips

Sian Phillips

Sian Phillips is the new Managing Editor of TweakYourBiz.com and contributor to the site with business interviews and posts on Social Media and Accounting. I'm a qualified Accountant with an Honours Diploma in Journalism too. My other “jobs” include being an associate with The Ahain Group and I'm also a Moderator on Bizsugar.com. My typical week is spent doing accounts for a few clients, writing content and blog posts for other clients, moderating and sharing Bizsugar.com posts and looking after TweakYourBiz.com too.

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  1. Dear Sian, what a great honour it is for me to know that you found John David Mann’s and my book to be of sufficient value to discuss in your blog and share with your readers. I’ve greatly enjoyed getting to know you. You certainly are the very embodiment of the term, “Go-Giver.” WOW – lots of gratitude to you and for you!!

  2. that’s so funny, as I started reading I was thinking, I have to recommend “The Go Giver” to her, and to those that will be reading this post, and then in the next paragraph, you did :)

    Bob is brilliant, and I was introduced to him by Miriam Ahern a few years back, and was only exchanging DMs with him on Twitter yesterday!

    I can also recommend his other books, but staying on this theme, you should definitely read “The Go Giver Sells More”

    It shows in greater detail how to embody this approach in business, and make it profitable at the same time.

  3. Thanks Claire – I’ve been a fan of Bob Burg for a while and it’s been lovely to connect on Twitter. The Go-Giver re-affirmed what I was trying to say but in a much more eloquent style :)

  4. Hi Sián,
    Great post, really enjoyed it!

    And, glad to have played a small part in it ;-) I did it very naturally, I knew you would enjoy it, and connecting you on Twitter with Bob was a pleasure too!

    You know, I actually do not believe in “coincidence”, I believe in synchronicity, and that post is a real synchronicity showcase! I also believe that for possibilities and opportunities to present themselves in your life, you must believe these can actually happen! And, then, they do!

  5. Thank you, Sian for the mention and your kind words! it is a key part of my philosophy to seek how I can serve. Like you discovered with The Go-Giver and your connecting with Bob Burg, it has been my observation that things happen positively when you’re not looking for them.

  6. Wonderfully written post, Sian. I agree, building up strong connections and relationships are extremely beneficial for various reasons. I’ve made several connections with high profile and up and coming bloggers that have proven to be very beneficial to me. It’s all about giving and helping people get what they want, if you do that, you’ll always get what you want. Thanks for sharing this post with our BizSugar community. I appreciate it!


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