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8 No-Nos in Social Media Marketing

545_4574442Everyone writes about how to do social media correctly. But few people address the key problems most small businesses have when they try to use social media to market and fail. Now, I’m sure you aren’t guilty of any of these boo boos, but just in case, let’s look at the biggest mistakes in social media marketing.

1. Only Updating Your Accounts When You Feel Like It

It’s better to not even have social media accounts if you’re going to update them sporadically. Sites like Twitter, G+, and LinkedIn move at the speed of light, and if your last update was two weeks ago, you’re history. Literally. I know it’s time-consuming to update your streams, but consistency will pay off in the end.

2. Trying to Be on All Channels

Look folks, I’m trying to save you time here. There are a lot of social channels out there, and not all of them are a good fit for you to reach your audience. Rather than diluting your efforts, choose a handful (read: 2-3) and put all your energies there. Continue reading “8 No-Nos in Social Media Marketing” »

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Five Ways to Use Twitter to Build Credibility

168_2588616Whew! Social networks are huge and only getting bigger. Twitter has proven that it is a great way to reach an audience, but how can you use Twitter to build credibility over time if you have more to contribute than jokes, memes or mean tweets directed at celebrities? One of the first rules of useful Twitter engagement is to base your interactions on courtesy and respect. It is important to think through your comments before you post, as your tweets will live on in eternity. Remember: if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t put it in a tweet.

Connect with Leaders in your Field

Search wide and far to find influencer in your industry. A great way to initiate contact is to ask them a thoughtful question that they may not have been asked before. Think long and hard before asking something that you could just look up on a search engine. Kudos are great, but they don’t really add to the overall conversation. Use them sparingly as your first means of communication.

Share Great Content

Sure you can link to your own work, but to build your reputation on Twitter, it is vital to share timely, interesting, and related content. There are no limits. Share industry humor (keep it light-hearted), good advice, relevant articles or even original research that connects to your area of interest. Continue reading “Five Ways to Use Twitter to Build Credibility” »

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How to Become Big on Twitter

545_3132072There are Twitter users, and then there are influencers. You know the ones: maybe they’ve got  thousands of followers, and everyone turns to them to get advice on a particular subject. Or maybe they carry on engaging, far-reaching conversations. Or maybe they always have something interesting to share, and their content spreads.  People hear them, and they have a presence.

Big in this sense isn’t about numbers of followers necessarily (although you need some kind of following). Big in the world of influence means “impactful.”

So how can you get from where you are to where they are? Begin with these helpful tips. Continue reading “How to Become Big on Twitter” »

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How to Benefit from Every Social Media Channel

452_4612084If you pay attention, each social media site has a slightly different purpose and benefits. In this post, I want to look at how you can take advantage of each, as well as guide you to the best types of content you can share.


Twitter is fantastic for short-and-sweet shares. If you can say it in 140 characters or less, it works on Twitter. That means you should condense what a blog post is about and include the link. (Here’s a tip: shorten the URL to save space.) Continue reading “How to Benefit from Every Social Media Channel” »

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How Twitter’s New DM Will Impact Brand Marketing

1019_4683900As news broke that Twitter is rolling out a new option for its direct message (DM) feature, reactions ranged from indifference to downright panic.

A Twitter user reported that Twitter plans to let users opt in to receive DMs from anyone, regardless whether that person follows back or not. Traditionally, two users had to mutually follow each other for DM to work. Now that no longer has to be the case.

If you don’t see this setting in your account, that’s because the feature isn’t available to everyone yet (although it appears that some have had the option since late 2011).

Early analyses tend to conclude that this move is good for brands, good for spammers and bad for consumers. I see myself straddling both the brand marketer and consumer worlds. As a business owner, I welcome any opportunity to connect with customers and potential customers. As an everyday Twitter user, I’d prefer if my DM inbox wasn’t flooded with spam (more than it already is). Continue reading “How Twitter’s New DM Will Impact Brand Marketing” »

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How to Balance Your Personal and Professional Lives on Twitter

859_4352311Social media often blurs the lines between personal and professional, and nowhere is this truer than the very public world of Twitter. If you’re like many users, Twitter is a space to connect with friends and develop your online brand.

Figuring out how to balance these two worlds can challenge even the most socially savvy. You don’t want to share a personal detail that might negatively impact you at work. On the other hand, you don’t want to bore everyone with a robot-like account that can only discuss business matters.

If you’re trying to find the right balance between personal and professional, here are a few tips to maintain a fun yet public-facing Twitter account. Continue reading “How to Balance Your Personal and Professional Lives on Twitter” »

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Is Your Business Spending Too Much Time on Facebook?

917_4008250Despite all the wonderful things people say about the social networking site Facebook, there may be some downsides as well. Countless articles and studies have focused on the negative psychological consequences of Facebook. They include everything from depression (seeing friends’ awesome vacation photos while you’re sitting at a computer can spark FOMO, or “Fear of Missing Out”) to relationship problems (a British survey found that nearly one-third of divorce filings in 2011 mentioned Facebook).

Researchers in Norway have even published a new psychological scale to measure Facebook addiction. Yet, while these all focus on personal afflictions, I wonder whether there’s a similar phenomenon with businesses today.

Can a business spend too much time on Facebook? And what are some of the negative consequences?

1. It lowers employee productivity.

When social networking first arrived on the scene, employers’ biggest fear was the time suck —productivity levels would drop as employees spent too much time on their personal Facebook pages.

But Facebook can also be an enormous resource drain, even when employees are using it for business purposes. That’s because Facebook isn’t free. Cultivating a community, moderating discussions, responding to feedback and other Facebook page activities require an ongoing commitment. Continue reading “Is Your Business Spending Too Much Time on Facebook?” »

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3 Mantras for Mastering Social Media

464_3008125If you’re new to using social media to grow your small business, you may very well be frustrated with what’s happening — or rather, what isn’t happening. Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and Facebook can seem like empty caverns until you start building traction and getting the groove of each social platform.

Don’t despair. Sticking with social is the best way to achieve amazing results. Just repeat these mantras until everything clicks for you.

1. “I Will Not Achieve Overnight Sales Through Twitter.”

If you align your expectations with reality, you’ll fare much better. It’s amazing how many people actually think that by signing up for Twitter or another social  platform, they’ll become overnight successes. That’s simply not based in reality.

In fact, making sales shouldn’t be your goal with social media. If it is, you’re sure to be disappointed. Social media’s purpose is to help you connect with others online. To establish yourself as an expert in your field. To build trust. Focus on that and the sales will come. Just not right away. Continue reading “3 Mantras for Mastering Social Media” »

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10 Ways to Pimp Your Facebook Page and Get Results

1019_4675203Facebook is very probably where a lot of your customers are,  therefore you should have a presence there too for your business. You have to work a lot harder if you are a B2B rather than a B2C on the social site to get results, but it is still achievable. It isn’t necessarily a simple task to attract likes and therefore potential customers, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult either. Apart from all the tips below you must ENGAGE, or Social Media just won’t work for you. Continue reading “10 Ways to Pimp Your Facebook Page and Get Results” »

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8 Amazing Twitter Success Stories and ROI

1157_4625754Twitter has been amazing for me and you could say the opportunities I have gained from it have changed my life. When I first used it over 4 years ago I had just started blogging too so I was getting my blogs out there on Twitter. My writing was picked up by Niall Devitt and he invited me to join a business blogging site he was just setting up – Tweak Your Biz (formerly Bloggertone). Three years later and I am the Managing Editor of the site which now gets over 100,000 unique views a month. Amazing exposure for the bloggers on the site which still includes me.

I am reaching 100,000 tweets – I know, I tweet a lot. Actually I don’t tweet as much these days as when I first used it. I would still use it for chatting sometimes but not as much; I am mainly sharing business articles and information that I find useful.

Over a year ago I was asked to be a moderator on our sister site, Bizsugar, which led to me interviewing Nellie Akalp of Corpnet and I’m now writing blogs for this site too. All from sharing my original blogs 4 years ago on Twitter. Continue reading “8 Amazing Twitter Success Stories and ROI” »

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