4 Entrepreneurs That Inspire Me Today

867_4619379When I look around, online and in person, I see so many entrepreneurs that really spark inspiration for me. Whether it’s something they’ve said, the way they brand themselves, or other contributions they’ve made, here are a few that I wanted to share with you.

Jack Nadel

I want to be Jack Nadel! He founded Jack Nadel International, a promotional merchandise company, in 1953, and has nearly 7 decades of being a successful entrepreneur under his belt. In addition to being involved with his company, he also speaks at events, writes for Huffington Post, and runs The Nadel Foundation. He’s the total package, and that’s inspiring.

Here’s a quote I like from Jack about the importance of starting on your entrepreneurial path early:

The advantage of starting early is that we allow ourselves time to grow into entrepreneurship. When the right opportunities come along, we will see them and act with confidence.

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Choosing the Right Business Structure, Where to Launch, & Other Legal Questions

285_2815492Starting a business creates a lot of questions for you as the owner. What should you sell? Who are your customers? Will this even work?

But there are other essential questions that you need to find answers to before you even open your (physical or virtual) doors. Let’s look at a few of them and get you on the path to the right answers.

What’s the Right Business Structure for My Company?

This is a great question with no easy answer. Let’s review the primary structures for small businesses, and you can determine for yourself which is the best fit.

A sole proprietorship is what you operate as if you don’t elect a specific business structure. It’s the default. It’s also the one where you’re the least protected. If, heaven forbid, your business gets sued one day and your company can’t pay the legal fees or creditors, they can come after your personal assets. So you put everything you’ve worked hard for on the line simply by not choosing a more structured business formation. Continue reading “Choosing the Right Business Structure, Where to Launch, & Other Legal Questions” »

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The Shark Tank Formula For Startup Success

Is it your dream to turn your creative idea into a profitable business? ABC’s hit reality TV show, Shark Tank, gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to turn their dreams into a reality.

Since the beginning of Shark Tank, there have been 93 episodes. Over the course of these episodes, there have been 377 business pitches and only 186 deals. In addition, only about a third of these deals actually close!

Now you’re probably wondering many startups don’t reach success after Shark Tank. Well, there are a number of factors to consider when launching a startup. Regardless of how much funding your startup receives from investors, if you don’t have a goal or a business plan, it’s very likely your business will fail.

Thankfully, Shark Tank has provided a variety of lessons entrepreneurs should know about launching a business. In this infographic that National Debt Relief contributed to, we learn some things every entrepreneur should know about launching a startup:



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Big Data Startups: What You Need to Know

numbersThis is a guest post from John Terra.

The best way for a fledgling startup to tip the odds for success in its favor is to make sure that, right out of the gate, the product or service that they offer is one that is keenly desired by the public. For instance, creating a startup that is geared to creating accessories for desktop PCs is asking for trouble, given the platform’s decline over the last few years. You may as well create a startup devoted to horse and buggy maintenance.

On the other hand, there’s certainly a market out there for companies that help clients process and understand big data. If you have the tools and the talent, creating one of these startups could be an excellent way to get your feet wet in today’s world of business.

Just What Is Big Data, Anyway?
The term “big data” is a blanket term used to describe information gathered from all sources, both traditional and modern, that exists in both structured and unstructured forms. This amount of information is so large that it can’t be processed by using traditional software and database techniques. Yet processing this data can provide businesses with a better grasp on today’s world; allowing them to make informed decisions, which can increase the likelihood of success. Unlocking big data’s potential is where this new breed of startup comes in. Continue reading “Big Data Startups: What You Need to Know” »

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Jonathan DePaz Relied on CorpNet for His Company’s Success in Opening a Gym

CorpNet.com client Jonathan DePaz, owner and creator of DePaz Energie, turned to CorpNet when he wanted to start a business and had questions on how to open a gym and incorporate his fitness studio. In this video,  Jonathan shares his inspirational story as to how he decided to take the leap and start his own fitness business and the many obstacles he has gone through with “failure” never being an option:

We know that Jonathan will succeed as we are seeing it on a daily basis right before our own eyes with his local gym right here in the heart of Westlake Village, CA, get packed with daily locals wanting to incorporate fitness into their daily routine.

As he achieves global domination in his journey to success, Jonathan continues to rely on CorpNet to manage all his business filing and compliance needs by using our free Business Information Zone platform. There, he can set up alerts to make sure he doesn’t miss a tax or filing deadline or a state requirement , or he can let CorpNet.com handle it for him.

Thanks, Jonathan, for all of your support and loyalty to CorpNet. Here’s to your success at DePaz Energie!


4 Vital Conversations for Any Startup Team

Countless startup ideas are hatched between friends, colleagues, college roommates, and family members. A late night discussion between two friends can turn into the next social network or mobile ad platform.

These relationships can be great breeding grounds for new ideas and innovation, but navigating business management with friends or family members can also be tricky. It may be tempting to rush forward without anything in writing: after all, you know each other so well, you both want the same thing for your business, why waste time with the formalities?

While you may agree on everything today, issues will inevitably emerge…maybe a friend gets married and decides it’s time to go back ‘to the office.’ Maybe you’ll disagree over compensation or whether to spend your whole marketing budget launching at a conference. Continue reading “4 Vital Conversations for Any Startup Team” »

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5 Easy to Avoid Startup Mistakes

35_2529372Starting a business isn’t always easy. Sometimes mistakes are made when investing in a product or running a startup, and that’s okay. However, owners and partners should be doing what they can to avoid the unnecessary. There are a few steps you can take to avoid mistakes that are common to startups. From planning to finding the right liability insurance, here are 5 startup mistakes that you can easily avoid with just a bit of research.

1. Not Building a Business Plan
There is nothing wrong with being motivated, but startups need to make sure a plan is in place. According to the SBA, a basic business plan should include: a summary of your company’s profile and goals, a description that includes what the business does and what markets it serves as well as a market analysis and more. A business plan lets investors and lenders know you have a well-thought-out idea of business’ service or product line and how it will benefit others.

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6 Steps to Starting a Business From Your Home

775_4655279There are countless garage-to-Fortune 500 success stories. Jeff Bezos first ran Amazon.com out of his garage in Bellevue, Wash. As Stanford University graduate students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched Google from Susan Wojcicki’s garage. And invoicing company FreshBooks was headquartered in Mike McDerment’s parents’ basement for 3.5 years.

Launching a business from your garage, basement or dining room table is a great way to keep overhead costs down when you’re just starting out. And in most cases, it’s usually the only option for bootstrapping startups. But how are you supposed to handle a home-based startup from a legal perspective?

SEE ALSO: 5 Ways Small Businesses Get Social Media Wrong

Whether you’re developing a mobile app or digital media consulting group, here are six steps to ensure your home-based business is legit.

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7 Tax Tips Your Startup Should Consider Before 2013

834_3805892As the looming “fiscal cliff” dominates the post-election news cycle, it’s hard to know what tax and financial moves make sense this time of year. Pundits are talking in circles, and experts don’t possess a crystal ball. In this environment, it’s understandable that startups and self-employed professionals are confused about the next steps.

However, when it comes to tax planning, paralysis isn’t an option. Here are seven tax-saving ideas to consider before the calendar flips to 2013. Of course, these tips represent general advice — you should always consult with a tax planner/CPA for insight into your own personal situation.

1. Assess Your Profitability

Before making any strategic moves, you need to know if you’ll be in the black or the red for 2012. If you haven’t done so already, take charge of your books to get a full picture of what you’ve made and what you’ve spent for 2012.

2. Meet With a Tax Advisor

Many tax credits and incentives are set to expire Jan. 1, 2013. According to Bert Seither, director of operations at Corporate Tax Network, the top thing a startup can do between now and the end of the year is to schedule an appointment with an accountant.

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Social Entrepreneurship: When Small Business Comes from the Heart

705_3569382Not every business is in it for the money. There are those entrepreneurs who start a business to support or advocate a cause, commonly called social entrepreneurs. These are people like Jamie Oliver, world-renowned chef who opened a restaurant, Fifteen, to give disadvantaged youths the opportunity to train in a restaurant career, or Matt Flannery and Jessica Jackley, founders of Kiva, the microlending site designed to help entrepreneurs in third world countries. By their nature, social entrepreneurs try to make the world a better place. They often have already had successful careers or run businesses and sold them, and now they’re trying to give back.

Are You a Social Entrepreneur?

If the idea of making a difference in the world or your community appeals to you, you just might fit the bill as a social entrepreneur. If you haven’t yet started a business, consider what you’re really passionate about. What would you do to instill change? What would the business platform look like? If you file your business as a nonprofit, you might be eligible for certain grants and funding, so that opens the door to a lot of opportunity if you choose to go down this path. Continue reading “Social Entrepreneurship: When Small Business Comes from the Heart” »

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