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Introducing CorpNet’s B.I.Z. (Business Information Zone) Free Business Compliance Monitoring Service

Our team has been working hard for the past few months to perfect our latest complimentary service to CorpNet.com customers and in a continuing effort to give our clients the best service available out there, we’ve taken a leap past the competition by offering this FREE service.  It’s live and we are so excited to introduce you to the Business Information Zone (B.I.Z.)

The B.I.Z. is a FREE Corporate Compliance Tool that will send you reminders of important due dates and business filings such as deadlines for tax filings, annual reports due, and so much more helping entrepreneurs keep thier business compliant with state filings to avoid rising late fees and penalties!

For a small business, the number of filings required in a given year can be overwhelming. For example, in California a newly formed corporation must obtain a Federal Tax ID number, file an Initial Statement of Information (also known as an initial report filing in most states), elect S Corporation status (if desired), file a DBA or fictitious business name filing, and file an annual statement of information (also known as an annual report filing in most states) on the anniversary date of the corporation’s filing date.

Failure to file any of this paperwork can lead to additional fines and penalties. With rising state budget deficits, many states are looking to increase revenues by ramping up their collection efforts for small business owners who fail to file their compliance paperwork on time.

That’s where CorpNet’s B.I.Z. (pronounced “Bee Eye Zee”) comes in. Complimentary to any new or existing small business owner, attorney, or accountant/CPA, CorpNet.com’s B.I.Z. sends personalized email alerts for important tax and state filing deadlines. As a result, small business owners don’t have to worry about missing due dates, paying late fees, or risking non-compliance by forgetting to file. The service is available at no cost to any company, whether or not it was formed by CorpNet.

CorpNet.com’s B.I.Z. offers the following concierge services:

  • Email alerts letting you know whenever important compliance filings are due with your state
  • Personalized tax alerts reminding you of important tax deadlines throughout the year
  • Secure online storage to keep all your essential company documents organized, safe, and always accessible
  • Personalized business profile that tracks all the important data about your company like formation date, Federal Tax ID number, business licenses and permits, and more
  • An interactive ordering center that makes it easy to find what you need when you need such as obtaining a Federal TAX ID number, electing S Corporation status, obtaining a business license or permit, making changes to your company name or address information (articles of amendment), doing business as a different name (DBA or fictitious business name filing) doing business in multiple states (foreign qualification filing) changing your existing company structure (Conversion) closing a company (Dissolution) and ordering additional products and services for your existing business  online (whether or not you originally formed the company through corpnet) at a click of a button without going through a tedious ordering process. Whether you need to get a business license or file a DBA,  incorporate a business, or form an LLC, you can do it right through B.I.Z. at the click of a button instead of having to navigate different websites like the state, county, IRS, or franchise tax board.

CorpNet.com’s B.I.Z. is not the only way that CorpNet aims to simplify the logistics of starting and running a business. The company recently launched the Business Structure Wizard to help guide new business owners in selecting a business structure for a new or exiting business.

Avoid late penalties and don’t miss another due date!  Register your new or existing business into the B.I.Z. (Business Information Zone) by signing up for a free acount today!

Register your business with CorpNet’s B.I.Z. today and don’t miss another deadline!

Get started today and feel free to touch base with ANY questions!

- The CorpNet.com Team

CorpNet Giveaway Alert:Taxes are Done – Time to Start a Business!

If you are like most people we’ve been talking to, you’ve spent most of 2013 organizing receipts and paperwork for the 2012 tax year. Days and months have gone by and now we’re officially in Q2 of 2013 – crazy!!

Now that tax season is officially closed, it’s time to put 2012 behind us and focus on 2013. Put that refund check to good use and invest it in your future! Start a business so you can put that 9-5 cubicle rut behind you and be an entrepreneur who makes your own schedule!

To give you some extra encouragement – we are hosting our first annual Start a Business Month!! From April 15, 2013 – May 15, 2013 you can get special discounts and great freebies to help you take a giant leap forward into making your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality with the help of CorpNet.com!

Not convinced? Watch our CEO, Nellie Akalp’s journey to success as a small business owner and then you’ll definitely want to get started on making your own small business dreams into a reality: http://bit.ly/ZV0FSG

- EVERYONE gets 10% off a CorpNet.com Deluxe or Complete package by calling and mentioning this blog post: Call Toll FREE Direct: 1-888-752-0363

- Twitter Giveaway: Let us know your business dreams and goals! Want to finally incorporate a business or form an LLC? How about starting that business and renting an office space? Send us a Tweet to @CorpNet with your goal and include the hashtag #CNStartaBiz from April 15  - May 15 and you can WIN a $100 AMEX gift card and a Free Basic Incorporation/LLC from CorpNet.com. *

- Facebook Giveaway:  We want to see you in action! Did you just add a new cupcake to your menu? Did you finally register a business name?  How are you making your business dreams a reality? We want to know! Snap a photo, upload it to the Corpnet.com Facebook page with details on what the photo is about! From April 15 – May 15th, entries will be collected and one winner will get a $100 AMEX gift card and Free Basic Incorporation from CorpNet.com! *

We look forward to hearing all of your 2013 business goals and seeing you in action to making them a reality!

Good Luck!

- The CorpNet.com Team

*One winner chosen for every 50 entries on Twitter and for every 50 entries on Facebook. Should entries be below that number, no winner will be chosen on either platform*


Keeping Your Small Business Safe During the Holidays

For small business owners who are parents, the last month and a half of the year are even busier than usual.  Not only is there work, the year to finish out and regular activities, but throw in holiday gatherings, holiday shopping, both work and neighborhood parties, present wrapping, cooking, baking, school plays, and often – traveling to see family.  Wait, I am forgetting something.  Oh right, let’s not forget winter break and/or day care closure or vacation time for nannies.

Stack the abundance of stuff to do and places to be during the holiday season with the least possible childcare options available thrown on top of end of the year responsibilities as small business owners, and I smell something burning in the kitchen…literally & figuratively.

During this time of year, it is even more important to have a plan in order to avoid an explosion (and I do not mean an explosion in sales or leads).

Here is a quick list of ways to keep both your business and apple pie from getting burned during the holiday season:

Make Sure Your Embers Burning Slowly.  Although your plate is extremely full with a million household items, keep your business spark alive.  Set aside very specific times to work and intersperse small chunks of time to check off holiday items.  Leave an hour at lunch to run holiday-related errands or wrap presents.  Scheduling the holiday stuff in allows you to put it in the back of your head on concentrate on work during work time with a peace of mind that everything will get done.

Have an Escape Plan.  With days off school around Thanksgiving and winter closures, have a place you can go to get some work accomplished when kids are home.  More than likely there are neighborhood kids home from college that want to make a little extra money babysitting or family visiting who want to spend some time with the kiddos.  Take advantage of a few hours of help and head to a local coffee shop or your office and knock a few work-related items out of the way. Continue reading “Keeping Your Small Business Safe During the Holidays” »