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3 Simple Yet Powerful Management Strategies for Women Business Owners

This is a sponsored post from Hiscox.

In addition to being Frozen Food Month and Supply Management Month, March is Women’s History Month.  Celebrated across the U.S. and in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada*, the month-long celebration of women’s contributions to history is a proud tradition that’s been happening every March since 1987, with origins dating back to 1911’s first-ever International Women’s Day.  It seems like one hundred-plus years is a long time ago, but it’s just three generations – the oldest of whose members were born into a world where women didn’t have the right to vote and had only recently gained the ability to legally own property.

But that’s not today.  And while all people must remain vigilant in protecting the rights of people everywhere, women in most developed economies are secure in their ability to own and run businesses.  In fact, in the U.S. 40% of all privately-held firms are women owned.  If you can include yourself in this hefty percentage of business owners you deserve to be proud, small business ownership is a multi-faceted challenge that requires almost daily renewal of purpose.

The next time you find yourself renewing your specific purpose, take a moment to reflect on the following ideas for making running a business a little bit easier.  Implementing one, two or all three will help you save time and improve performance and maybe even help delay that next need for renewal. Continue reading “3 Simple Yet Powerful Management Strategies for Women Business Owners” »

Balancing Life as a Mom and a Business Owner

Running your own business can be incredibly stressful on its own, and as soon as a mother has to balance the responsibilities of business ownership with being a mom, that stress can go through the roof almost immediately. While you may love both your family and your job, finding the balance is usually easier said than done.

However, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be stuck in limbo all the time, constantly running from work to home and juggling tasks. But it does mean, that you need a plan a way to make everything work together so you can really have your cake and eat it too.

Use these tips to balance your life as a mother and a business owner in a sane, reasonable fashion:

Set a Schedule, Stick With It

When you’re trying to run a business and care for your family, the most important thing you can do is come up with a set schedule that works for you. There are usually only a handful of moms that can easily work the 9-to-5 without interruptions, but we often call them “super-moms.” For the rest of us moms, especially if we’re doing our business from our own homes, working without interruptions would be a blessing.

Continue reading “Balancing Life as a Mom and a Business Owner” »

6 Reasons Women Are Awesomely Equipped To Start A Business

Virginia Slims cigarettes got it right 40 years ago when it targeted women with its memorable slogan, “You’ve come a long way, baby.” The same is true today for women entrepreneurs.

We’re going full throttle in starting businesses at a never before-seen speed: from 1997 to 2011, women-owned businesses increased 50%, which was 1.5x the national average.

Now, I don’t want to get into a battle of the sexes discussion here, but you have to admit: there are certain characteristics of females that make them amazing at running small businesses.

# 1. We’re Great Communicators

Obviously this is a blanket statement, and I’m not saying men aren’t good at communicating. But the fact that 74% of women use social media — compared to 62% of men — speaks volumes about their interest and ability to communicate effectively.

In running a business, clear communication is key. Whether it’s how you portray your company culture or how you interact with clients and vendors, your success lies in how well you relate with others. Continue reading “6 Reasons Women Are Awesomely Equipped To Start A Business” »

6 Ways to Prep Your Business for Your Baby

Taking care of a newborn is hard work, just like running a small business.

Take care of both at the same time, and things can seem downright daunting. After all, there’s no employer to give you maternity leave, provide coverage during your absence, and keep the paychecks rolling in.

If you’re a mom entrepreneur who’s expecting your first baby, don’t worry. As an entrepreneur and a mother of four, I can attest firsthand that it can be done. You just need to prepare ahead of time. Since I’ve been through it a few times, I thought I’d share some tips that might make the transition easier for you. Continue reading “6 Ways to Prep Your Business for Your Baby” »

Happy Birthday to CEO Nellie Akalp: Entrepreneur Lessons Learned

By: Janet

We want to wish our CEO Nellie Akalp a very happy 42nd birthday next week! She’s spent more than a decade as a business owner, and has learned a few things about running a business along the way. Here’s what Nellie wants other small business owners to take from her experience as an entrepreneur.

“Nobody can manage your business like you can, and they will not have the same drive and passion you will as the business owner.”

No one takes on as much at risk as you do, running your business, so while you can hire the best, realize that no one will be quite as dedicated as you are at managing your business. Aim to inspire those that you work with, and learn together.

“Look at the long term value of each client, as that is really what makes your business grow and sets you apart.”

A sale here or there is great, but unless you know you will have each client coming back for more, it’s not enough to sustain you. Nellie says that developing a long-term relationship with each and every client you have is what will help you grow for years to come. Continue reading “Happy Birthday to CEO Nellie Akalp: Entrepreneur Lessons Learned” »

Four Ways to Be a Better Negotiator

Have you ever negotiated your salary or pay raise? Or do you prefer not to rock the boat (and besides, you’re pretty happy with their more-than-reasonable offer anyways)?

If you haven’t mastered the dance of negotiations, you’re far from alone. A study of master’s degree graduates from Carnegie Mellon found that only 7% of female students tried to negotiate a higher offer for their starting salary (compared to 57% of the male students).

The gender divide in these results is startling. And, the reluctance to negotiate can have a significant impact on long-term salaries and leadership roles.

Many women I know are brilliant at what they do. They work hard to provide value, develop their skills, and build important relationships. However, all these skills and smarts never make it to the negotiating table.

Whether you’ve been in the workplace for decades, are just graduating college, or are an entrepreneur setting your own prices, you need to understand that you’re responsible for making sure you earn what you deserve. Here are four ways that you can learn to approach negotiations with confidence:

1. Always assume you’ll negotiate

It may sound obvious, but deciding to negotiate is the critical first step. Continue reading “Four Ways to Be a Better Negotiator” »

Start A Business: 6 Legal Steps to Take

For many moms, a home-based business offers the smartest balance between work and family.

Running a business from your basement, guest room, or dining room table is a great way to keep your overhead costs down…and gives you the freedom to be home with the kids.

And while starting a business in your home is relatively simple, there are a few legal matters to consider to make sure your home-based business is legit.

Start A Business: 6 Legal Steps To Take

1. Choose a business name

Even if you’re just a solo freelancer, it can be a good idea to create an identity for your business that’s separate from yourself. Once you’ve brainstormed and picked a great business name, you’ll want to make sure it’s legally available (because trust me, you don’t want to be on the wrong end of a trademark dispute!). Continue reading “Start A Business: 6 Legal Steps to Take” »

Success is Sweeter the Second Time Around

My name is Nellie Akalp. I’m CEO of CorpNet.com, and no, this isn’t my first business.

It’s hard to imagine a life before social media, blogs, and cell phones, but that’s when I started my first business filing company with my husband: way back in 1997. Computers weren’t yet a part of nearly every home, and the world was still used to brick-and-mortar type businesses. But we saw an opportunity to help people start a business and set up their business structures over the Internet.

Thus, my first company, MyCorporation.com was born in December 1997.

Business boomed quickly, and we soon found ourselves the proud parents of a blossoming company, not to mention a growing family at home of a set of boy/ girl twins (now 11 years of age) and then two years later, a another little boy (now 9 years of age).

Then, in March of 2005, Intuit offered to buy us. We hadn’t planned to sell the company, but, as they say, they gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse.

Shifting Gears

I’d thought I’d be able to continue helping small businesses the way I had before the acquisition, but things didn’t turn out the way I expected. I didn’t enjoy working the way I had before. I’d lost my entrepreneurial drive and the entrepreneurial spirit was gone. It was time to leave.

My husband and I finally had what so many people wish they had: time and money to spend with our family, have more babies (we had another baby girl, almost 2 in May), to travel, and to try new business endeavors. I tried being leisurely. I tried starting businesses in other industries such as fitness and clothing. But that wasn’t the plan for me. I ended right back where I began: starting another business filing company once again.

I realized how much I love helping other entrepreneurs. I LOVE small business, being a small business owner, and helping other small business owners find the resources and tools they need to make their entrepreneurial dreams into a reality and grow their companies. So it was only natural that we started all over again with CorpNet.com in 2009.

Lessons Learned for Round Two

This time, we knew what we were doing when we started our company CorpNet. We knew the ticket to fast growth, and are even prouder of our accomplishments at CorpNet than we were of our first company. We have built up a family with our staff, and we pride ourselves on remaining a small business that understands the specific needs of entrepreneurs when starting a business for the first time.

We help companies incorporate a business, form an LLC, register a business name by filing a DBA as a sole proprietorship or partnership, and a whole suit of other business filing services such as filing a trademark for your company name or tagline, or simply keep your business in corporate compliance. Best of all, we provide reassurance and support. After all, it’s a scary world out there. We aim to make the process of starting a business easier and less stressful and we pride ourselves in being in business together with our clientele through the lifetime of their business.

This time around, I’m all about balance and my staff knows it; I might take off early to watch one of my kids’ ball game or their tennis match, and I always make time for family vacations. My priority is my family, and I’m blessed to say that owning my own business has given us the financial and personal freedom, not to mention security that everyone family deserves.

As for what’s next for CorpNet? To continue to set the industry standard on providing new and existing business owners with the most comprehensive and cost-effective document filing services when it comes to starting, protecting, and managing a business. Our expert team of business formation specialists are dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs in every stage of the business building process and through our stellar customer service, we ensure stress-free success from beginning to end as YOUR Business is OUR Priority!

I’m sure many of you have dreamt of owning your own small business for quite some time. We want to help you take the first step by offering you a free start consultation on the phone or here on our website. We have all the documents and resources that you’ll need in making your small business dreams into a reality. Whatever stage you are at, we can help!



CorpNet Helps We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym Build More Communities

Dina Kimmel never planned to start a business. But when her son was diagnosed with autism, she knew she couldn’t stand idly by. Her son was the inspiration for her creating  We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gym For All Kids, a gym that creates a safe community for children with autism, cerebral palsy and other concerns that typically limit where and how they can play. She’s passionate about offering “something for every child.”

And while she only hoped to make enough money to pay her bills, her gym’s success skyrocketed, and now there are seven gyms, including franchise locations. In this video (warning: it’s a tear-jerker!) she talks about how CorpNet helped her start a franchise business and keep growing.

Dina says that CorpNet makes it so easy for both her as a franchisor as well as her franchisees. She says while some of her franchisees look elsewhere to form an LLC or incorporate, they always come back to CorpNet because it’s easy, affordable, and offers a great support system. While CorpNet handles the business filing, she says, she can focus on running her business.

“I leave it to the people who know what they’re doing,” she says.

And here’s something we always love hearing in our company reviews:

“I will continue to use them forever!”



Dawson and Associates Has a “Great Marriage” with CorpNet

Linda Dawson, owner and CPA at Dawson and Associates, works closely with CorpNet to help startup clients get up and running. She says CorpNet and her company have “a great marriage” in that they both work together to help small business owners start a business. In this video, Linda talks about why starting a business isn’t always as scary as you may think, and shares why she loves our CorpNet B.I.Z. corporate compliance platform.

Linda appreciates that CorpNet is there for her business, to assist her when clients need to incorporate a business or form an LLC. She says that CorpNet always has solid customer service (something we pride ourselves on), and charges significantly less than what others charge.

We learn so much from our CorpNet reviews, and are happy to hear that Linda loves our B.I.Z. corporate compliance tool! She says that it helps organize everything for a client so they never miss a single tax or filing deadline.

Final Words

We love Linda’s advice for entrepreneurs:

“Even if you’re Afraid – go for it and take the risk!!”

Well said, Linda.