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Working From Home – The Pros And Cons

I have worked from home for nearly ten years – for different businesses along the way and now for several businesses as I have a few clients. I mentioned in the Technology article how I do this – using Cloud Computing, Skype, Social Media…..

These days more and more people are finding the need to work from home; they may have been made redundant and have to start up something themselves, technology dictates it’s cheaper if they work from home so their employer stipulates it for a few days a week, or maybe they just want to try it out because they can’t find any other work to do

However lots of people struggle to work from home – they get distracted easily, they don’t have the discipline or maybe they just like the office atmosphere of being around other people and having a chat over the water cooler. They feel working at home isolates them.

I’m probably the opposite as being around people distracts me, I have to have the discipline because if the work doesn’t get done no-one else is going to do it plus I don’t get paid. My chat over the water cooler will be Twitter when I’m having a coffee and I enjoy isolation – odd I know. :)

I have come across a lot of posts on the subject of working from home – how to concentrate, pros and cons, how to be productive and arranging your home office to avoid distractions. I thought I’d share some here for those wondering if working from home will suit them or not.

Are You Cut Out For Working From Home?  This post explains all the finer details about working from home and why some can do it and others cannot. Miranda Marquit at Prairie Eco-Thrifter.

Warning Signs that Working at Home is Not Right for You Here are a list of reasons why maybe working at home won’t suit you. Abby Evans at The Work At Home Woman.

Home Office Rules for Smarties!  Great post giving tips on how to be survive when working from home. Rachel Blaufeld at Corpnet.com

9 Tips to Stay Productive (and Sane) When Working From Home  Some handy ideas on how to cope when working from home so you don’t go up the walls. David Gray.

11 Common Time Management Issues When Working From Home  If you struggle to apportion your working time at home this post will help. Timo Kiander on Productive Superdad

Separating Family from Work(ing at Home)  One of the biggest distractions when working at home is family life. This post explains how to separate it when working at home. Miranda Marquit on Equifax

Work At Home Tips: Creating An Efficient Home Office Space  Some people need to organise their home office to spur efficiency, this post explains how. Naaree.com

Tracking the Work-From-Home Trend  What does the future hold for those working at home? Anita Campbell on Open Forum

Advantage Home Business: Avoid the Cost of the Commute  Great post highlighting the savings involved when you don’t have to commute to work. Miranda Marquit at Planting Money Seeds

Home Is Where The Work Is! Or Is It?  And finally a post I did previously about the pros and cons of working from home. Sian Phillips on TweakYourBiz.com

I hope the above have been some help to you if you are working from home. Would you be able to work from home easily? What tips would you give?

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Sian Phillips

Sian Phillips

Sian Phillips is the new Managing Editor of TweakYourBiz.com and contributor to the site with business interviews and posts on Social Media and Accounting. I'm a qualified Accountant with an Honours Diploma in Journalism too. My other “jobs” include being an associate with The Ahain Group and I'm also a Moderator on Bizsugar.com. My typical week is spent doing accounts for a few clients, writing content and blog posts for other clients, moderating and sharing Bizsugar.com posts and looking after TweakYourBiz.com too.

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  1. There are pluses and minuses to working from home and it depends, to some extent, on your personality too. Working from home can give you great flexibility, but it can also be a problem, if there are too many distractions. Less travel and less overhead for your business are also huge considerations in terms of time management and cost. Thanks for sharing the discussion with our BizSugar community.

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