973_4107860LinkedIn is where professionals flock for work, jobs and interesting discussions. It’s not the photos and fun of Facebook or the constant chat on Twitter limited to 140 characters. Having business pages that can now be promoted means that businesses are using it more and more so it’s not just about business professionals.

It is probably harder to gain connections and followers than the other Social Media sites, however, what connections you do make are probably far more bonafide and ready to do business or at least have some relevant discussions within the groups.

I have picked five comprehensive, yet easy to follow posts which I suggest you bookmark so you can refer back to as needs be.

# 1. The Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn  Start at the beginning and with one of the best sites for business advice. This posts takes you through setting up your profile, getting connections, joining groups and job searching too. It also explains about the LinkedIn upgrades available and the mobile app. Mashable

# 2. LinkedIn for Business: The Ultimate Guide  Once you have your profile and everything set up, how do you promote your business effectively on LinkedIn? This great post will explain all the steps you need to take in a simple and easy to follow guide. The Ahain Group

# 3. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn  This post explains how to optimize your LinkedIn presence, use LinkedIn for professional networking, and how to use LinkedIn to best effect for your business and marketing. Hubspot

# 4. LinkedIn Company Pages: Your Secret Weapon  Do you have a profile or company page on LinkedIn? This post includes an interview with LinkedIn expert, Des Walsh, and explains the advantages to having a company page for your business and also some links to setting it up simply. SocialMediaToday

# 5. 6 Steps to Expanding Your Network With LinkedIn Company Search  Now you have your profile, business page or group set up this post will help you broaden your network using the company search function on LinkedIn. It is a detailed step-by-step guide to building a qualified list of prospects plus connections within the businesses and introductions. Social Media Examiner

I believe the above posts will help you gain traction on LinkedIn and use it effectively for your business and yourself. Have you any good tips for using LinkedIn?

Image: PhotoSpin