About Lauren LeMunyan

Lauren LeMunyan is a New Jersey native now living in Washingon, DC with her personality-packed English Bulldog, Rico Suave. After over a decade as a nonprofit executive director, Lauren exited the corporate world and an established CrossFit gym in Las Vegas to restart her passion as a Strategic Business and Life Coach. Lauren now works with creative entrepreneurs and passionate professionals to develop plans of clarity, accountability, and integration. In addition to coaching Lauren also hosts the weekly podcast, The SpitFire Podcast, and frequents DC stages as JRZ FRSH, a Bluegrass-Americana rapper.

Symptoms and Remedies for 13 Common Entrepreneurial Pitfalls

It seems that everyone on Instagram is an Entrepreneur or CEO. What used to be a high risk and scary choice, has now been glamorized into fast money, luxurious lifestyles, and ready-set-go businesses. A picture is worth a thousand words, but the stories behind the glossy pictures are anything but fancy. I know the true stories of self-doubt, self-sabotage, and business burnout. Over the years I've seen the same 13 challenges and entrepreneurial pitfalls in myself, my clients, and other entrepreneurs: Not Having a Clear Focus/Mission Trying to Be All Things to All People Lack of Revenue Diversity — [...]

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