About Marsha Kelly

Marsha Kelly is a serial entrepreneur who sold her first business for more than a million dollars. On her blog, Best4Businesses, Marsha shares her hard-won experiences as a successful entrepreneur who has done “time” in corporate America and has learned what products and services really work well in business today.

How to Legally Structure Your Business To Secure Financing

All the pieces of your entrepreneurial dream are finally falling into place. You have a name for your business, a product or service that makes you super excited, and you’ve even started noodling designs and logos. Before you can go much further, however, you’re going to need funding. And in order to get funding, you will need to decide what type of structure is best for your business: a sole proprietorship DBA (doing business as); a C corporation or S corporation; a professional limited liability company (PLLC) or a limited liability company (LLC). Let’s take a look at [...]

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