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Rachel Blaufeld is the Founder, Writer, and Editor behind the blog, Back’nGrooveMom, on the intersection of family centricity and entrepreneurship where NO topic is off limits. Originally a personal blog detailing her own adventures of inventing a product and starting a business, Rachel discovered she had a wide audience of moms looking for tips and conversation on remaining relevant while growing a business and a family. The Back’nGrooveMom brand quickly expanded to be a part of the Federated Media Publishing Network and The Daily Buzz for Moms, featured on Modern Mom, and as an expert blogger on StartUpNation. Rachel can be found providing brand influence while continuing to be an outpost at the crossroads of being a mom and business owner. When not writing or speaking to groups of women, Rachel can be found watching basketball with her boys, shoe shopping, dog walking, or desperately trying to run.

5 Steps to Getting Back to The Heart of Your Business

The start of 2013 has brought a whole new crop of women who want to follow their passion and start their own businesses to my virtual door.  I love the excitement and energy behind each and every one of them.  Mostly because it is filled with heart.  There is nothing but pure, unadulterated passion behind their motives.  This is more than likely behind both men and women who are ready to jumpstart their lives with a new business venture. For me this holds special significance because just a few short years ago, that was me.  Eager as a [...]

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Want to Start a Business in 2013? Questions to Ask Yourself

With the beginning of each New Year, many people take stock in their lives and what changes they may or may not want to make. We set out to lose weight, improve our careers, spend more time with family and friends, and probably take up a new hobby or two. A few years back, the New Year goals included growing my own business for me.

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Keeping Your Small Business Safe During the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time of togetherness and celebration. Make sure to enjoy them all while feeling peace of mind about your business....Then, there is the wonderful prospect of the new year and new projects on the horizon! Here is a quick list of ways to keep both your business and apple pie from getting burned during the holiday season.

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Taming Your Home Office During Summer

As a mom in business, getting and staying organized is an ongoing theme. From planning my week on Sunday night to scheduling in fitness to making sure everyone gets home from school to planning for an upcoming conference, my daily life runs like an airplane flight plan. During the summer, hyper-planning and knowing where everything is located IS even more critical otherwise life begins to looks like one big circus. When summer hits, our lives as mom (dad) - preneurs and professional women (and men) get turned upside down, and we adjust our routines to allow for different pickup and drop off times along with wanting to enjoy some summer fun with our kids. Unfortunately, somewhere in between basketball camp, swimming, and a myriad of important conference calls, my home office took a turn for the worse. I put into effect my very own tips for taming a home office in order, especially during summer: Being able to work from home is such a luxury for moms, but can also driag us down a boundary-less road. Don’t let that happen to you this summer. Make the most of every minute with an organized office and schedule, so you can enjoy a few extra minutes splashing around with your families!

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My Little Secret to Filing for DBA’s…Don’t DIY

Hello Corpnet! I am thrilled to be here as your half-crazed mom in business! I say half-crazed in a good way because even though my days are long and often slightly nuts, I love being a mom and a business owner. Don’t get me wrong - not everything runs smoothly, but life is vibrant and fun, and I feel very fulfilled. The best part about what I do is sharing my mistakes with the hope that I will help a few other business owners and moms (or dads) while making fun of myself. Today, I am going to share a little secret with you...A few years ago when I opened my first business (which was about a month before the recession hit, but that is another story), I allowed my husband to do all my paperwork and filing for my LLC. Moral of the story: Know your strengths and when to ask for help, but don’t just sit by idly and allow someone to take over for you. Make every experience related to your biz a team effort!

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