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CorpNet Partner Program: How It Helps Accountants and Other Professional Firms Increase Revenue Without Adding Overhead

CorpNet has always been focused on helping entrepreneurs in all industries succeed. We not only offer services to help them save time and money in forming their own businesses, but we also provide a program for accountants, attorneys, and other professionals to enable them to expand their client services and increase revenue. I recently presented two webinars about the CorpNet Partner Program: Increase Revenue & Client Satisfaction Without Increasing Overhead or Staff – Which explains the Partner Program and how it enables accountants to expand their services quickly and with minimal effort. How to Maximize Your Revenues as [...]

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Keeping Small Businesses in Compliance is a Team Effort

Staying in compliance can be challenging for many small business owners. They often rely on - or even assume - their CPA or accountant manages the paperwork associated with the registration and maintenance of LLCs, S-Corps, and C-Corps. This assumption can lead business owners down a slippery slope of non-compliance. CorpNet would like to prevent such issues. Earlier this year the CorpNet team released a partner program specific to accountants and CPAs. This program provides a win/win opportunity that gives financial professionals an easy way to help clients maintain compliance, while also bringing in revenue. Helping Accountants Help [...]

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Start & Run Your Business Right: Join Our Facebook Group and Partner Program

The process of starting a business is both thrilling and intimidating. There’s the exhilaration that comes from working through the details and making the dream a reality. And then, there are the business formation options and ongoing compliance requirements that often raise questions and sometimes cause confusion. That’s why I’m hosting the “Business Formations & Compliance” Facebook group. The group is a place where business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs can get insight on anything related to forming a business and complying with the rules to keep it in good standing. You can join for free, so there’s no [...]

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Share, Learn, Grow – Join The “Business Startup Experts” Facebook Group!

With a passion for helping entrepreneurs work toward fulfilling their dreams, it thrills me to welcome you to join the new Business Startup Experts group that I’ve started on Facebook. Its purpose is simple: To serve as a hub for startup experts of all types to exchange knowledge with one another and with new business owners. I invite anyone who either has or is looking for insight on starting and growing a business. The following types of professionals and many others will find it an engaging place to showcase their expertise and make valuable connections: Accountants Business coaches [...]

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Announcing the CorpNet Partner Program – Webinar Explains the Program in Detail

The CorpNet Partner Program is already ahead of expectations. Partners are signing up rapidly. They are already selling formation services and making their clients happy while increasing their revenue. We are so pleased with the results and we want to thank all of our partners for their commitment and friendship.  Recently, our CEO, Nellie Akalp hosted a webinar on astUtemy helping our partners learn about the program. The questions where amazing and plentiful and we recorded it! Now you can watch that webinar as often as you wish to make sure you know and understand the program so [...]

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Tell Your Friends About CorpNet and Make More Moolah!

If you’re one of the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs that we’ve helped incorporate online, form an LLC, or conduct a DBA name search, you already know how helpful CorpNet can be in helping you start and grow your business. We’d love your help in telling your friends about us. Heck, we’ll even pay you!

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Why Choose CorpNet as Your Incorporation Services Affiliate Partner!

If you are a current Commission Junction affiliate partnered (or interested in working) with an Incorporation/legal services provider, we’d love to work with you to reach small business owners. is a fast-growing company focused on delivering quality services to people starting, protecting and managing their business. We assist with incorporating a business, forming LLCs, or simply registering a business as a DBA/Sole Proprietorship, Trademark Search/ Registration services and more business startup, compliance and maintenance services in all 50 states.

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