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How to Start a Small Business in Texas in 10 Steps

If you've been exploring how to start a small business in Texas, this article is for you. Learn 10 steps to launch a business in the Lone Star state.

Five Steps To Becoming An Empowered Woman (Or Man) Business Owner

As a woman business owner, I’ve found that empowerment comes to us in two ways: 1. Access to external sources of inspiration and knowledge 2. Self-respect and self-confidence You can sit around and wait for someone to empower you, or you can take the bull by the horns and take action to empower yourself. I will always vote for the latter of the two because it gives you more control over your entrepreneurial destiny. Although women own nearly 30 percent of U.S. small businesses (according to the Status of Women in the United States website), I find that [...]

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How Being A Mom Makes You A Better Business Owner

While many people may think that parenthood and running a business collide like oil and water, I can tell you from direct experience they’re mistaken. My family has always fueled my successes rather than stand in the way of me achieving them. And as Mother’s Day 2016 approaches, I’ve been reflecting on the many ways being a mom to my four children has made me a more effective and intuitive entrepreneur. I want to share them here because I believe other entrepreneurial moms (and moms-to-be) out there should feel confident in embracing how motherhood strengthens them professionally, too. [...]

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Is Work/Life Balance Just A Fairytale?

Work/life balance. Thanks to all the hype about it, you might find yourself feeling like a bit of a failure if you’ve yet to achieve it to perfection. My advice to you: Don’t beat yourself up about it! A faraway land where forest animals sing, pumpkins turn into coaches, and where work and home life demand equal amounts of your time every day simply doesn’t exist.

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What Women Need to Be Successful Entrepreneurs

It’s a good time to be a female entrepreneur. While there are still fewer of us than male entrepreneurs, the numbers are rising: between 1997 and 2015, the number of women entrepreneurs has risen 74%. Women own 30% of businesses in the U.S. I’d love to see that number become 50% (or more!).

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Thanksgiving: 4 Things to Be Thankful For in Being a Family-Oriented Entrepreneur

I try to count my blessings year ‘round, but there’s something about November that just gets me really thinking about all the things I’m thankful for, including being a business owner with a good sense of work/life balance. Here are a few of the things on my list of gratitude.

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4 Secrets to Running Your Business with a Newborn in the House

I’ve got four kids, all of whom I raised while also launching and growing two different businesses. I know the challenges of having a newborn and/or toddlers in the house when you’re trying to grow a business. It’s a tremendous amount of pressure.

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5 Things My Kids Learn by Watching Their CEO Mom

With Mother’s Day this weekend, families everywhere are honoring those women who nurture them and help them grow. But for me, Mother’s Day is just as much about my children; after all, without them, I wouldn’t be a mother! I’m pretty proud that my kids get to see firsthand how I operate as an entrepreneur, and as a CEO. Here’s what I imagine -- and hope! -- they’re learning from me.

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How I Make Time for Myself After the Stress of Tax Day

Thank goodness tax time is over, right? I, like most small business owners, find this time of year a bit stressful. So after April 15 passes, I’m all about rejuvenating and recharging my battery. When you run a business, whether you’re the only staff or you manage a team of ten, it is essential that you make time for yourself. Otherwise, you’re a stressed out ball of tension that puts your business —and your health — in jeopardy. We’re all in the same boat here, so I thought I’d share how I decompress.

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Let’s Make This Year The One We’re Honest With Ourselves as Entrepreneurs

As people -- more specifically as entrepreneurs -- many of us feel obligated to put up a shield to hide what’s really going on. When we’re asked how things are going with our businesses, we’re more inclined to focus on the highlights rather than the brutal truth. That truth might be that we’re working too much and getting sick a lot. Or that business has ground to a halt. Whatever that truth is, we feel it makes us vulnerable, and we feel like that compromises our ability to succeed.

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Why You Should Stop Seeking the Perfect Work/Life Balance

There has been a great deal of focus on creating work/life balance for entrepreneurs — more so for female entrepreneurs — over the past several years. The quest for this Holy Grail often leaves its seekers unsatisfied. The truth is, you’ll never permanently achieve this balance. Trying to do so may cause even more stress than the actual imbalance you’ve been experiencing. Here’s why you should set aside your search for perfection and settle for “good enough.”

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5 Successful Women Who Left Law to Follow Their Passions

I recently wrote a blog post about 10 lawyers that left the law to follow their passions which was well received by the legal community. The post was meant to inspire dissatisfied lawyers and show them that it is in fact possible to be successful in other industries. I decided to make these kind of lists into a more regular series in which I profile lawyers who have gone on to do amazing things outside of the law. Below is a list of 5 talented women who have successfully used their JDs to pursue alternative careers.

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The Panic Attack That Saved My Business

There I was, stopped at the intersection outside my office's parking lot. I had been at this very spot hundreds of times before, but this time, my body shut down. I couldn't breathe, my heart raced, the walls of the car were closing in on me, and I couldn't move a muscle. I truly, honestly felt that I might die.

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