There are dozens of social networking sites with more popping up almost every year. While the major players – Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin – have been around for years, many businesses trip over some of the basic etiquette stumbling blocks. Major companies have made the mistake of using inappropriate hashtags to promote their campaign, joking about national disasters or responding poorly to customer feedback. Unfortunately, these errors lead to negative associations and ultimately fewer customers.

The best rule of thumb when posting to all social platforms is to spend time researching and writing out updates before hitting the post button. Other tips include:

  • Personalize your company – post photos of your company outing or event
  • Start a weekly tradition to encourage engagement
  • Tag other companies, publications and people in your post that your audience looks up to
  • Provide full and accurate information for your company
  • Make sure your posts provide value to your audience

You might be aware of the basic guidelines for social media, but did you know each one also has their own subset of unwritten etiquette rules? This means that even if you understand one platform, you cannot use the same tactics on a different one. Instead, you must adjust how you post and the frequency you post for each network. The infographic below outlines the dos and don’ts of each social media platform.