We dream big. We sleep little. We think much. We’re entrepreneurs and before we die, we will add a page to the history books (or at least Wikipedia). Our story began when we were born and it’s been one hell of a ride ever since. Sound familiar?

Speaking of stories, on January 3, 1977, Apple was incorporated. While their story began prior, that date will always be remembered. A couple of guys in a garage with nothing more than passion and intellect literally changed the world. It’s a heck of a story and it’s been told several times online, in books, and often from Hollywood.

For the rest of us, we dream about it. We want to leave our mark. We want to change the world, even if just a little bit. Maybe we just want the cash money riches that success can bring or maybe we want to be famous or maybe, we don’t care, we just love to make things and fix stuff. I’m pretty sure Jobs and Wozniak never really thought much about their story. They were too busy making things and tinkering and solving problem after problem after problem. They made something useful and they made money and I’d bet at some point, they looked back and said something like, “we did that” and the story continued. I wouldn’t be typing this post on my shiny iPhone 7 Plus right now if not for that day and the many days before and after where passion and perseverance performed perfectly in pursuit of perfection. More importantly, the story started and it’s only just begun.

Steve is gone. I miss him and his story making abilities. Today, Apple continues to add pages to its story every day. I try to do the same. You should too.