Asset Protection 101: What is an LLC?

The LLC (Limited Liability Company) is a popular asset protection vehicle for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors. It essentially forms a wall that shields individual owners from personal liability. In addition to this personal liability protection, the LLC can also offer tax advantages and other benefits.

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Why I LOVE What I Do as CEO/Founder of CorpNet…

The economy is difficult, the jobs numbers aren’t improving, and the stock market is pretty shaky at best. But in these tough times, people are doing some incredibly remarkable things. They’re showing just how determined, creative, and courageous human beings can be. And if I can help these individuals get the ball rolling on their ideas and make their dreams come true, I can’t imagine anything better...AND that's why I love what I do each and every day and I live by the mantra of "Do what you Love and Love What you Do each and every day because you ONLY live once!!!!!

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Protecting Your Big Idea

Patents, copyrights, and trademarks, as well as know-how or trade secrets, are often collectively referred to as intellectual property. Many firms possess intellectual property without even being aware of it, or of the need to take measures to protect it. If you have formulas or processes that are specific to your business, you should take the steps to protect them. Where would Coke and Pepsi be if they hadn’t taken steps to patent their secret formulas, trademark their logos, and copyright their advertising slogans? It’s important to realize that simply having intellectual property is not enough to ensure success. Securing a patent for your product won’t guarantee that it will be embraced by consumers. Before you spend thousands of dollars to obtain exclusive rights to your invention, do the research to make sure that it’s something the market actually wants.

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Incorporating a Business 101

As a business owner, the day will come when you inevitably will have to address the legal aspects of your business – and the sooner the better. And, fortunately, the process can be relatively painless and hassle-free. I talk to countless small business owners and freelancers who consider themselves too small to worry about incorporation. After all, you don't have mazes of cubicles…you may not even have any employees. However, incorporation can still be a smart idea even for the self-employed graphic designer or wedding planner and in this post we discuss the benefits of incorporating your small business.

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Top 5 Reasons for Incorporating Your Business

Many small businesses consider themselves 'too small' to worry about incorporation. However, whetherowever, you're a self-employed social media consultant or a landscaper, incorporating or forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company) must be on the top of your business strat-up checklist so you can protect your personal assets against liability and save on taxes!

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