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My Little Secret to Filing for DBA’s…Don’t DIY

Hello Corpnet! I am thrilled to be here as your half-crazed mom in business! I say half-crazed in a good way because even though my days are long and often slightly nuts, I love being a mom and a business owner. Don’t get me wrong - not everything runs smoothly, but life is vibrant and fun, and I feel very fulfilled. The best part about what I do is sharing my mistakes with the hope that I will help a few other business owners and moms (or dads) while making fun of myself. Today, I am going to share a little secret with you...A few years ago when I opened my first business (which was about a month before the recession hit, but that is another story), I allowed my husband to do all my paperwork and filing for my LLC. Moral of the story: Know your strengths and when to ask for help, but don’t just sit by idly and allow someone to take over for you. Make every experience related to your biz a team effort!

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Start a Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

Now is the perfect opportunity to focus on your goals and turn those dreams into a reality. More entrepreneurs than ever before are coming into their own as business owners. Make 2012 the Year of Your Business and follow these Top 5 Tips Entrepreneurs to start YOUR business in 2012!

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Using Trademarks to Protect Your Company Brand

You formed your Corporation or LLC, so you’re well on your way to building a successful business. Now it’s time to protect your company name and brand, so that name will be yours to use for years to come. When it comes to your business name and trademarks, a few proactive steps can go a long way toward protecting your brand and business. Best of all, it’s easy and affordable — you just need to know where to start…

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Top 4 Startup Mistakes When Incorporating a Business

Incorporating a business or forming an LLC is a relatively quick and painless process. However, while it may seem straightforward, there are some common mistakes that business owners make that can have a significant impact on their business as discussed in this blog post.

Where Should YOU Incorporate YOUR Business?

Many questions invariably arise throughout the process of incorporating or forming an LLC for your business. By far, one of the most common questions is…where? And more often than not, the question is framed as, “Should I incorporate in Delaware or Nevada?” These two states are hot choices for incorporation; and for good reason. However, as a general rule of thumb, if your corporation or LLC will have less than five shareholders or members (a condition which applies to the bulk of small businesses), it’s best to incorporate or form an LLC in the state where your business has a physical presence. In other words, unless your business has a physical office in Delaware or Nevada, it's going to be much easier and less expensive in the long run to incorporate or form an LLC in your home state.

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Is Starting a Small Business For You?

Many small business opportunities you explore might require some additional training or certifications on your part, but if you’re serious about being successful, you have to expect an investment of your time and, of course, some money too. No matter what the business, every successful entrepreneur will tell you that starting a profitable small business requires a willingness to learn how to start your own business. Once you’ve got your idea, make sure you have a plan in place to implement it. There are plenty of resources available to help you with the business side, including right here.

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How to Form an LLC or Incorporate a Business

For the small business owner, incorporating a business or forming an LLC raises many questions: Where do I start? How much does it cost to incorporate or to form an LLC? How long does the process take? Can I form my own corporation or LLC or is an attorney required? In this post, I’ll break down the steps required to incorporate a business or form an LLC, as well as explain the three different methods: do-it-yourself, legal filing service, or an attorney.

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Incorporating a Business 101

As a business owner, the day will come when you inevitably will have to address the legal aspects of your business – and the sooner the better. And, fortunately, the process can be relatively painless and hassle-free. I talk to countless small business owners and freelancers who consider themselves too small to worry about incorporation. After all, you don't have mazes of cubicles…you may not even have any employees. However, incorporation can still be a smart idea even for the self-employed graphic designer or wedding planner and in this post we discuss the benefits of incorporating your small business.

Top 5 Reasons for Incorporating Your Business

Many small businesses consider themselves 'too small' to worry about incorporation. However, whetherowever, you're a self-employed social media consultant or a landscaper, incorporating or forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company) must be on the top of your business strat-up checklist so you can protect your personal assets against liability and save on taxes!

Profiles in Entrepreneurship: Tisha Marie Pelletier

CorpNet is in the business of helping people start a business – and if you’re trying to decide whether to take the leap into self-employment, there’s no bigger inspiration than hearing the stories of real entrepreneurs who are succeeding. We’d like to introduce you to some entrepreneurs who decided to start a business and have never looked back. One of them is Tisha Marie Pelletier, a busy entrepreneur and mom (with baby #2 on the way, as of press time) based in Phoenix, Arizona. Tisha has started three companies: Simply Put Marketing (a marketing consulting firm), Details Event Management (an event planning firm) and The Mom-e Club, a networking and professional development organization for mothers who run their own businesses. Red more on Tisha in this blog post.

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Recipe for a Successful Blogging Business: How to Minimize Your Liability

While blogging has become a serious industry, most bloggers don’t necessarily consider the business aspects of their blog when they’re just starting out. But soon enough what may have started as a casual interest turns into an extra source of income, or even a full-time business. If you’re a self-employed or self-starting blogger, you’ve got to be aware of a few things as you navigate the legal and business aspects of your blog. Following this simple recipe of shielding your personal assets through Forming an LLC or a Corporation, using common sense when choosing your advertising/marketing partners, and always erring on the side of transparency will help make for the sweet success of your blog and business! I look forward to seeing you at BlogWorld 2011 LA!

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5 Ways to Beat Entrepreneurial Burnout

If you’ve launched a business, you undoubtedly know the stress that goes along with the territory. Long hours and even longer to-do lists can take their toll on your energy, health, and general well being. And it’s inevitable that at times your initial passion and excitement will be dampened by the realities of less-than-glamorous, day-to-day tasks. Unchecked, all this pressure and tedium can lead to entrepreneurial burnout. Starting a business requires a little insanity, but you don’t want that business to send you over the edge. In this post, i discuss tips as to how you can stay sane and avoid burnout while running and growing your business.

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Women Can Really Have it All by Starting a Business

For most of the past 30 years, women have had to make a constant juggling act between the competing demands of career and family. It can be hard to have both a challenging, exciting career and also have time to raise kids and have a busy family life at home. Many women have felt that they’ve had to make an “either/or” when it comes to career and family: either they stay focused on their careers, even if that means never having a family (or having fewer kids than they would like, later in life than they would prefer); [...]

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Your Post Summer Business Plan

Another summer is officially over. It’s time to start trading in beach towels for some warmer clothes. For the busy entrepreneur and business owner, September marks the perfect time to focus on goals. September is your month…and it’s time to turn your dreams into reality. Whether you’re considering starting your own business, or your business is already in full swing, the start of fall is a perfect time to take stock of what needs to get done–because, believe it or not, the New Year is right around the corner.

Are You Guilty of Committing the Top Incorporation Mistakes?

Now more than ever, forming a corporation or LLC can be a pretty quick and painless process. Yet while the process may be straightforward enough, small business owners can unknowingly make some common missteps that can have a significant impact on the business.

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