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Nellie in the News: November 2016

Thanksgiving and November have come and gone and the holidays and 2017 are creeping up on us fast and we are here help prepare your business for the new year! CorpNet can help you incorporate a business or form an LLC right now or as a delayed filing in any state. This month, our CEO Nellie Akalp has been busy writing a ton of articles to help small business owners start a business, stay in compliance and prepare for the new year. Below are some highlights from the month of November! Want Nellie to speak at your next [...]

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Setting Up a Corporation – Top FAQs

Happy November! We are excited to bring you another post in our monthly FAQ series! When starting a business, one of the first questions an entrepreneur must ask themselves is, "What entity type should I register?" Here at CorpNet, we are often asked to explain the differences between a C Corporation and an S Corporation, how to file a corporation, and even, "What is a corporation?" In this month's FAQ post, our CEO Nellie Akalp answers all your burning questions about setting up a corporation! Nellie's Top FAQs for Setting Up a Corporation Q: What is a C Corporation A: [...]

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Fall Tips To Help Your Business Have A Strong End-Of-Year Finish

Although most of the year has already passed and we’re now into the autumn season, don’t panic if your business has fallen a little bit behind on its goals. It’s not too late make changes that can help lead to a strong finish in 2016. Whether you’ve just started your business or have been running yours for years, the key is to take action sooner rather than later—and to focus on efforts that will improve your bottom line now and into 2017. Nurture Customer Relationships If you’ve fallen out of touch with some customers, now’s the time to [...]

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Back to Basics: LLC or Corporation?

Both forming an LLC and incorporating your business safeguard you by protecting your personal assets if legal action is taken against your business. They also give your business a boost of credibility by having either “LLC” or “Inc.” behind your company name. But there are differences that could make one or the other the better choice for you. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of knowing the pros and cons of the legal structures available to you before you decide which will serve your business most effectively. The Low-down On LLCs Many owner-managed businesses opt to form as [...]

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Why You Need to Incorporate Your Business

When you think about incorporating your business, do you scoff, “Not me. I’m just a one-person/home-based/part-time business—incorporation is for the big guys”? If so, it’s time to rethink your attitude. You see, every small business—no matter how small or informal—needs to be incorporated. That’s because no matter how small or informal your business is, you could be sued. Suppose your business isn’t doing well, you can’t pay a business debt and the creditor takes you to court to get their money back. Perhaps you are a children’s party planner, a child is injured during a birthday party you [...]

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How to Get an LLC License

Here at CorpNet, we are often asked how to form an LLC, also referred to as a Limited Liability Company, when wanting to start a business. To be clear, an LLC is not a business license; as one cannot obtain an LLC license. A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a legal entity that bears similarities to both corporations and partnerships. An LLC is formed under specific state statutes that provide for the creation and regulation of this special type of entity that has come to be commonly used and respected in business. An LLC can be used to [...]

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How a Small Business Can Avoid Being Audited

It’s true that the odds of being audited are fairly low – under 1%.  Yet this may not last long.  The IRS has been changing some of its procedures – such as allowing agents to conduct audits via mail -- and has also been increasing its hiring. Besides, the agency tends to focus more on smaller businesses.  Why?  The assumption is that the recordkeeping is not as disciplined and business owners may be doing their own tax preparation, which could increase the risk of getting things wrong. When it comes to audits, though, there is one important thing [...]

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Legal Steps to Start a Business & Special Offer

So you have an idea and want to get that business off the ground - congratulations!! When planning the steps to start your business, there are some legal aspects you don’t want to overlook. These steps may not be the most glamorous parts of starting a business, but you want to make sure the business is set up properly from the start to avoid issues down the road. Here are my must-do steps to legally start a business followed by a special offer on CorpNet.com services: 1. Choose a Business Name Have an ideal name in mind for [...]

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Your Franchise Business Structure Questions Answered

Thinking of starting a franchise? A lot of new franchisees expect that absolutely everything will be taken care of by the franchisor. While yes, a lot of processes, supplier relationships, et cetera, will be handed down to you by your franchisor, there are some decisions you’ll have to make, such as what business structure your franchise will use. Now that you know you’ve got a big decision, you likely have questions. Here, I’ll answer some of the more common questions from franchisees about business structures. Which Business Structure is Right for Me? While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to [...]

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Nellie in the News: March 2016

March has flown by and we are loving the smell of Spring in the air. We were busy this month doing what we love -  forming LLCs and helping entrepreneurs incorporate their businesses! Nellie was busy yet again this month sharing tips, leading workshops and chatting on podcasts to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs to go after their dreams and start a business just like she and her husband did! Here's a recap of this month's interviews and contributed articles as well as an upcoming appearance! Want Nellie to speak at your next event or share her tips on [...]

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Should You Convert Your Business Structure to an S Corp?

You’ve been chugging along as a sole proprietorship for a while now, but you’re beginning to realize that might not be the best idea to protect your business. So you’re considering converting your sole proprietorship to another structure, specifically the S Corporation. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if now is the right time to convert your business structure. 1. Do You Want to Bring on Investors? Maybe you bootstrapped your business, but now you’re ready to take the company to the next level, and to do that, you need investors. This is an automatic reason to [...]

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Nellie in the News: February 2016

Wow - February went by fast around the CorpNet offices.  March is already next week and we’re busy helping entrepreneurs start a business making the year fly by already. Nellie has been busy leading us daily and sharing her expertise across blogs, podcasts, webinars and in-person events. Here is what she was up to this month. Want Nellie to speak at your next event or share her tips on your podcast? Contact her today Speaking Startup Weekend Ventura County Nellie and her husband/Business partner Phil Akalp will be speaking on starting and growing a successful business on March 11, [...]

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Articles of Organization: Does Your S Corp Need One?

If you’ve spent any time on this blog or researching how to incorporate your business online, you’ve probably found some terms you weren’t really clear on and had questions. What’s the difference between an LLC and a corporation? What paperwork do I need to file annually? What are Articles of Organization, and do I need them?

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Nellie in the News – October 30, 2015

Don't get spooked that you don't know how to start or grow your small business! Nellie Akalp, our CEO, has plenty of content to help you this month. She's covered everything from benefits of an S Corp to how to build and sell a company (for 8 figures, no less), to how to fund your business without an investor. Happy reading!

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10 Tips to Making Startup Funding Work for You

Whether you plan to create a crowdfunding campaign, pitch venture capitalists or investors, take out a small business loan, or use your own savings, there are strategies to succeeding in your efforts. Here we have 10 tips guaranteed to make your startup funding a success.

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How Should I Fund My Startup?

Launching a startup is one thing, but finding funding enough to keep it going through those difficult growing pains can be quite another. If you start a business without enough cash for at least the first year, you could be setting yourself up for failure. Fortunately, there are several funding options for you to consider.

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Fees for Forming an LLC in Colorado

Colorado is a great place to start a small business. Not only is the weather great (pleasant summers and ski-fun winters), but the business climate is appealing too. Once you start a business in Colorado, you’ll need to think about the business structure you want for your company. If you do nothing, it will be a sole proprietorship. And while that’s the easiest business structure to have, it leaves your personal assets vulnerable.

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5 Reasons the Risk of Entrepreneurship is So Worth It

If I had to summarize my personal brand in one word, it would be “passionate.” I’m passionate about running CorpNet, and that’s what keeps me going even through the rocky times. But what about you? If you’re just now considering starting a business, you may wonder if all the stress, tears, money, and long hours will be worth it. Let me say in no uncertain terms: absolutely.

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