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How to Start an Amazon Business

Entrepreneurs and startups have recently become very unclear about how to start an Amazon business because the responsibility of online sellers to collect and remit sales tax has been an issue under debate for quite some time. Entrepreneurs who have brick-and-mortar stores in jurisdictions that have enacted sales tax clearly must add state (and sometimes local) sales tax to customer’s bills when selling taxable goods. And then send they must send those funds to the proper tax authorities. But what if you sell your products online to customers in other states? The rules haven’t been completely clear in [...]

Benefits of an S-Corporation

Incorporating is one of our favorite services, not only for the tax savings it provides those who are self-employed, but also for the asset protection it offers those with passive real estate investments or one-off productions in the entertainment industry. Before we dive into the benefits of an S-Corporation, let’s first understand each type of business entity: S-Corporation: Entity used to assist self-employed individuals transition from small to medium sized business structure. Only entity that allows the self-employed to reduce social security and Medicare tax (SE tax). An S-Corporation can also be an LLC electing to be taxed [...]

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6 Business-Boosting Benefits of Incorporating Your Company

One of the most critical decisions you will make as a business owner is choosing the business entity type for your company. Sole proprietor or partnership? Limited Liability Company (LLC), or corporation? Decisions, decisions! For many of the entrepreneurs that I work with, incorporating offers a variety of advantages legally and financially over operating as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or LLC (Limited Liability Company). You should talk with your attorney and accountant or tax advisor before you select a business structure because it’s important that you fully understand the pros, cons, and your compliance responsibilities. To get you [...]

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Creating Your Own Business and Loving What You Do!

The entrepreneurs you read about or see on TV may seem like overnight successes—but in reality, creating your own business doesn’t happen overnight. Behind every successful business idea, months (or even years) of thought and planning have gone into launching it. After all, who wants to risk the money, time and effort required to start a new business on a mere whim? One of the keys to success is creating a business you’re excited about. Your passion will help you persist through all the obstacles. Here are three ideas for creating your own business and loving what you [...]

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Start Your Business with CorpNet on Cyber Monday & Save $50!

Cyber Monday can be a day to launch your dream of starting a business – while getting a generous discount on one of CorpNet’s best packages of incorporation services.Call CorpNet at 1-888-449-2638 for a Free Business Consultation and ask how you can qualify for the $50 Cyber Monday discount. We have real people on the phone who will be happy to talk with you and figure out the right package of services for your needs. We’ll give you all the information you need to order online or by phone during the Nov. 26-28 Cyber Monday discount offer.When is the CorpNet Cyber Monday discount valid? Our $50 discount on CorpNet’s Deluxe or Complete incorporation services is valid from Nov. 26-28, 2012. Don't forget to use the special discount code when you place your order: CYBERMON

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Start a Business with CorpNet & Get Black Friday Savings!

Today is the Friday after Thanksgiving, and it is “Black Friday,” fast becoming an unofficial American holiday. Along with big discounts on flat screen TVs, electronics, clothes and other consumer goods, we want to celebrate “Black Friday” here at CorpNet by offering some special savings on our business incorporation services. There’s no better day than Black Friday to start a business with the help of CorpNet’s online incorporation services.

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Entrepreneur’s Thanksgiving: Reasons to be thankful in running a business

This Thanksgiving, I hope we can all take time to reflect on the amazing power and freedom and excitement that comes from starting a business. It’s always a leap of faith, but I encourage you all, if you want to start a business, to allow yourself to believe in miracles. Don’t get distracted by negativity or petty slights; assume the best in people, and forgive everyone everything. Remember that no one is in charge of your happiness but you – and this is especially true when you decide to start a business. When it comes to going after what you love in life, don't take no for an answer. Even if your market is saturated and the obstacles are high, if you believe in what you’re doing, if you find a way to deliver exceptional products and services and delight your customers, you will find a way to succeed. That truth – that all of us as entrepreneurs have the power to shape our success and create the lives we want – is the biggest cause for gratitude of all.

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Fears of Entrepreneurs: The “Scariest” things about Starting a Business

In honor of Halloween, I’d like to discuss a few “frightful” topics. I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs over the years start a business by setting up an LLC or Corporation. Here at CorpNet, we talk to entrepreneurs every day who are starting on an exciting journey to pursue their dreams. But the truth is, entrepreneurship and running a business is not always a dream. Sometimes it can feel like a nightmare! People who decide to start a business often experience a lot of fear and uncertainty. So as we prepare for trick-or-treating and all the fun things that go along with Halloween, I’d like to discuss some of these most common fears of entrepreneurs, and explain how you can overcome them. On behalf of the entire team here at, we wish you a very Happy Halloween!

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All About the Limited Liability Company (LLC)

LLC is short for “Limited Liability Company,” (NOT a Limited Liability Corporation) which is an interesting definition – unlike a C-Corporation or S-Corporation, an LLC is not technically a “corporation” in the same sense. The LLC acts like a hybrid business entity, giving the owner some of the same characteristics as a corporation, but with the pass-through taxation and flexible operations of a sole proprietorship.

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Interested in Forming an S-Corp? Read this First!

If you decide to incorporate as an S-Corporation, the company itself will not pay taxes. Instead, the taxes are handled by “pass through taxation,” where the earnings “pass through” to the company’s owners and employees. S-Corporations also ensure limitation of personal liability for the business owners, helping to separate your personal finances and protect your personal assets from those of your business.

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Running a Home-based Business: Myths and Realities

Running a business from home is a great way to get started as an entrepreneur, but make sure you keep in mind some of the possible pitfalls and productivity traps. You owe it to yourself and your business to be able to close the door and go away for awhile, and you also owe it to your family to be able to leave work at work - even if "work" is "upstairs in your home office."

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Want More Customers for Your Small Business? Give Them What They Want!

In the movie “Big Night,” Primo and Secondo were in a difficult situation – the business was struggling, they urgently needed every customer, and so they didn’t have the luxury of telling the customers that they were “wrong.” But ideally, as your business grows, you can gain enough confidence to show customers the “right way” to experience your business’s offerings – not to be a prima donna or make your customers feel bad, but to help them have the best possible customer experience. Customers always get what they want (and need) when they hire CorpNet to incorporate a business. If you want to start a business, CorpNet can help you incorporate as an S-Corp or form an LLC to get your business up and running. We help entrepreneurs start a business by managing the business filings to incorporate a company. Whether you want to form an LLC or S-Corporation or other corporate entity, CorpNet can help you choose a business structure with a free business consultation.

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3 Reasons NOT to Incorporate as an S Corporation

The S Corporation has become one of the most popular business structures in America because of its tax advantages and other benefits – but what if you are trying decide how to incorporate a business and you’re not sure if an S Corporation is the right choice for you, this post lists out some of the reasons of why an S Corporation might not be the right choice.

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Ways of Adding Value With Your Small Business Marketing

If you can stay focused on the unique ways that your business adds value for customers, you’ll never need to worry about becoming a commodity. Here at CorpNet, we add value every day by helping entrepreneurs incorporate a business – in a cost-effective, efficient, timely and accurate manner. If you want to start a business, CorpNet can help you incorporate as an S-Corp or form an LLC to get your business up and running. We help entrepreneurs start a business by managing the business filings to incorporate a company. Whether you want to form an LLC or S-Corporation or other corporate entity, CorpNet can help you choose a business structure with a free business consultation.

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The 3 Biggest Tax Advantages to Forming an S Corporation

One way to reduce your self-employment tax liability is to incorporate a business as an S-Corporation. The tax advantages of an S-Corporation are one of the biggest reasons why this choice of business structure has become one of the most popular ways for small businesses to incorporate.

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How to Avoid Double Taxation: S Corporation or LLC?

Most small business owners want to limit their personal liability and protect their personal assets from those of the business. Any business structure, whether it’s an LLC, S-Corporation or C-Corporation, can achieve this goal of personal asset protection. The biggest differences between forming an LLC and incorporating as an S-Corporation arise when you start to look at the more complex issues of taxation, corporate structure and regulatory compliance. If you’re a new entrepreneur or longtime small business owner who’s trying to figure out how to choose between an LLC and an S-Corporation, this post discusses the few considerations to keep in mind.

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Starting a Business? Make it Personal!

A lot of people think, wrongly, that deciding to start a business is all about money and technology and processes and managing details. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. While all those other things are important, the truth is, when you decide to start a business, you’re not just taking a financial risk or trying to make more money or have a nicer car – you’re putting your heart and soul on the line. Lots of people think that running an online business is impersonal or mechanistic or “cold” or even “hands-off” and “easy”– you just set [...]

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Why Choose CorpNet instead of a “Cheaper” Incorporation Service?

If your business values support, reliability, credibility and timeliness, CorpNet outshines other providers. We believe that we offer the best package of incorporation services, with the most friendly and detail-oriented support, with the most reliable delivery of business filings – all at unbeatable prices. Most of our customers keep coming back to CorpNet for repeat business, for years to come. We hope to make you one of them! Don’t sell yourself short – if you want to start a business, CorpNet can help you achieve your dream. We can help you incorporate as an S-Corp or form an LLC to get your business up and running. We help entrepreneurs start a business by managing the business filings to incorporate a company. Whether you want to form an LLC or S-Corporation or other corporate entity, CorpNet can help you choose a business structure with a free business consultation.

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