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Mars Cafe and the ultimate small business marketing compliment

Mars Cafe is a fun success story of how a business can take on a life of its own that is bigger than any individual. I look forward to working and socializing there for many years to come. Ready to start a business and build up your dedicated community of customers? Talk to CorpNet for a free business consultation on how to incorporate a business. CorpNet’s free tools, advice and guidance can help you choose a business structure, form an LLC, set up an S-Corporation or other corporate entity to protect your assets and attain the corporate tax benefits and financial advantages of doing business as a corporation.

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3 ways to boost your small business marketing beyond “order taking”

Small business sales and marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Making bigger profits for your company is often just a simple matter of learning how to ask good questions, listen closely to what people say, and look for ways to deepen your conversations and build deeper relationships with your customers. But it does require a spirit of generosity, conscientiousness and attentiveness that goes beyond simply “taking orders.”

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One simple question that can help you keep customers

What do you do when a customer tries to leave your business? Whether you’re a freelancer who wants to avoid getting “fired” by a long-time client, or a retail location that wants to keep up steady traffic of repeat business and referrals, it’s important to maintain your customer relationships. But sometimes, what happens when a customer decides to no longer do business with you can be one of the most important ways to keep making your business better. If you learn from it, even going through the experience of losing a customer can help you gain more customers in the long run.

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