432_2979754Ah, technology. It’s changed the way we do business…mostly for the better. But most of us who rely on our mobile devices can be victims of them from time to time.

Recently, Small Business Trends paired up with Verizon to conduct a study on how business owners use technology. What we found was pretty interesting.

How Technology Makes Us Better Entrepreneurs

One facet of the study focused on the ways business owners leverage technology. How many of these can you relate to?


  • Save Time and Money. As much as 61% of business owners find they save time and money with mobile technology. For me, that time savings comes from having access to all my important information within arm’s reach.
  • Better Customer Service. Being connected means being able to respond to customer service inquiries and complaints faster.
  • Improved Workflow Efficiency. T

Where We Let Technology Take Over

There’s always the other side of the coin, isn’t there? While it’s wonderful to be able to stay on top of our businesses through our phones or tablets, there is a line many of us cross sometimes that makes us a little too accessible.

Those entrepreneurs surveyed were honest about where they take business calls. While, sure, many of us have taken calls while shuttling the kids around or in the grocery checkout line, some of the confessions were pretty surprising:

  • while standing in line at a movie
  • during a child’s birthday party
  • at a wedding reception
  • at a funeral
  • at trade shows
  • attending a craft show
  • “at the pool in my boss’s apartment building”
  • “on the casino floor”

And many of us — nearly half, according to the survey — can’t find a way to completely shut off from working while on vacation. We’re too tempted to check our phones for email, social media updates, or other news from our company.

So we continue to strive for balance in how we use technology. It can make us more productive and successful, but we need to set limitations to preserve our sanity.